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Halsey & SUGA – SUGA’s Interlude (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Halsey released two songs on December 6, 2019, off of her upcoming third studio album ‘Manic.’ After announcing the complete tracklist and release date of the album a couple of days ago, Halsey released an interlude as the third single off the album. Let us explore what “SUGA’s Interlude” lyrics mean.

Halsey premiered “Without Me” and “Graveyard” as the two singles off of ‘Manic‘ until today. However, she had also released “Clementine” as a birthday gift on September 25, 2019. Today (Dec 6) Halsey released “Finally // beautiful stranger” track along with a beautiful music video and “Suga’s Interlude” with a lyric video. Guess which one is the latest single off the album? Yes, the latter!

Behind the dreamy vocals of Halsey and SUGA, the song questions if the limelight is worth it after all. Halsey’s chorus in English talks about finding it difficult to draw the line between an ordinary life and fame. Should a day come when they lose passion for their craft, what would be left with them? Regrets? Listen to the audio below.

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In the Korean verses by SUGA, he too speaks of a similar fate. He sings about achieving his dreams, now that his band BTS has achieved phenomenal global success. But he also wishes to get in touch with reality. Keep his dreams as dreams and his real goals as top priorities. He sings that it’s never too late to change yourself to the better. It might seem gloomy at first, but everyone’s got to start somewhere. Just as the Sun rises and cleans up the darkness from scratch, day in and out.

The second verse on “SUGA’s Interlude” takes a similar theme, where SUGA reminds us that everyone has time to change. We are young and energetic. All we need is a goal and we can run behind it. Just make sure that this goal is what you really seek for; be it fame, glory, money or happiness. You, yourself have to put your goals on a scale along with their perks and pitfalls and see for yourself.

Also, SUGA reminds us that the ‘change’ we anticipate should not be a change that someone else instilled in us. It should be something we want. Otherwise, our inner self will be in conflict.

What do you think is the meaning of “SUGA’s Interlude” by Halsey and SUGA? Drop a comment below.

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