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Louis Tomlinson – We Made It (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“We Made It” is the latest single off of Louis Tomlinson’s upcoming debut studio album ‘Walls.’ The former One Directioner is the last to release a solo album since the group’s split in 2016.

Louis Tomlinson has been working through some personal hardships, enduring the passing of her mother in December 2016 and his sister, Félicité Tomlinson, passing away in September 2019. Louis vocalized his emotions going through these losses in singles such as “Two Of Us.”

Releasing “We Made It” on October 24, 2019, Louis appeared on an episode of ‘New Music Friday’ by Billboard to reveal what the song means to him; “It kind of has two meanings. The verses are written about the early times of me and my girlfriend, me going to visit her at university and stuff. But the sentiment of the chorus is a message that is something I know I’m going to feel on my first tour dates, for example. That feeling of achievement – I want it to feel collective, because the fans have been really patient with me. I’ve gone through a bit, and they were super supportive. It was kind of just a message to them, really.”

Watch the music video for “We Made It” below.

Like Louis explained, the song speaks about his girlfriend who has been with him through the thick and thin. The singer reminisces the early stages of their relationship–him visiting her at the university, picking her up, enjoying cheap drinks and staying up all night talking of the futures they were going to build.

The chorus of the song is a reassurance to himself that the dark times are behind him. He has suffered the utmost losses in his life, the passing of his mother and sister, and he has had hit rock bottom. The beauty about rock bottom is that there is no further below you could go. It would be only up from here. With his debut solo studio album coming up in early 2020, things are looking up for Louis Tomlinson.

Louis also talks about the pressure he and his girlfriend went through being young kids in love. But they ran the course and came out stronger.

The hardships he endured with One Direction are memories he cherishes now. He says that things may not have gone according to plan always, but he would not change a thing about it. His special thanks go to his girlfriend and the fans who have been anchors in his life.

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