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Is Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie Tingz” a Hint at Cardi B? (Review)

Nicki Minaj released two brand new songs in quick succession as if to remind the world that she still is the queen of rap. “Barbie Tingz” is the first of such singles, followed by “Chun-Li.” Both songs are quite aggressive and speak about how Nicki is still on top of her game and nobody else has even come closer to her. Why the sudden self reassurance? Maybe another upcoming star is threatening her?

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B seemed to quite well acquainted with each other. Nicki Minaj went on to congratulate Cardi B on social media after her mega hit “Bodak Yellow” climbed to #1 spot on Billboard Hot 100. Her second single “Bartier Cardi” too did extremely well commercially. And she was amassing a fan base. Did this sting Nicki? We would never know for sure.

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Nicki Minaj sings about how every female rapper out there wants to be like her, but they are far behind her. Cardi B’s sudden rise to popularity made some critics to consider her the new ‘queen of rap,’ and this must have felt as a threat to Nicki.

It cannot be just mere coincidence that at the half mark of the video, a figure similar to that of Cardi B appears while Nicki sings about “cutting the b*tch.”

Nicki Minaj also speaks about the ‘big 3’ in the rap game right now. Lil Weezy (Lil Wayne), Barbie (Nicki Minaj) and Drizzy Drake (Drake) are all part of the Young Money Entertainment record label.

Nicki Minaj very creatively bows to Jay Z in the lyrics to “Barbie Tingz.” She refers to Jay Z’s ‘The Blueprint’ album series and compares that to her ‘The Pinkprint’ album, and calls Jay Z the ‘kingpin’ of the rap game.

With aggressive lyrics, creative visuals and sexy costumes, Nicki Minaj is certainly back into her usual ways. What are your thoughts on the single and the video? Leave a comment below.

Full Lyrics to “Barbie Tingz” by Nicki Minaj


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