kanye west announces new album title so help me god 2015

Kanye West Reveals New Album Title – ‘So Help Me God’

Kanye West was busy on Twitter tonight, setting up his 11.5 million followers for some big news, and then revealing the title of the much anticipated 7th studio album of Kanye, titled ‘So Help Me God‘. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this Kanye West album is one of the most anticipated albums of 2015, after the chart busting hit album ‘Yeezus’ in 2013.

Songs from ‘So Help Me God’ So Far

The seventh studio album ‘So Help Me God’ will most likely be the biggest album of Kanye yet–by popularity. We have already had the privilege of listening to some of the tracks from the upcoming album. First it was “Only One” featuring Sir Paul McCartney–a tragic, beautiful ballad of a song. Then we got to listen to “All Day“, a full on hip hop track. And then came out “Wolves“, which is in a whole other level of Kanye music. All, some or none of these songs could make it into the upcoming album tracklist. Kanye has yet to release any information on the tracklist. But we do know there are many more collaborations on ‘So Help Me God’.

Kanye West also revealed the album art along with the title announcement tweet.


It looks like some kind of ancient symbolic language. No surprise there, Kanye is always up for dark and mystique stuff.

It appears to be a 13th Century monastic symbol for the Virgin Mary. – Stereogum

Whatever it means, it looks pretty cool. We just hope it doesn’t offend anybody or anything.

When Could We Expect Kanye West’s ‘So Help Me God’ Album to Release?

Kanye West said around 80% of the album is completed, a few weeks ago. March 1, 2015 is the date he reveals the album title and artwork. Although these are very positive signs, we think it will be a few months before the album will be released. Rather than holding out breath for an album release date, we are more excited for a tracklisting of ‘So Help Me God’. To say the least, it will be more or less towards the end of 2015, that we could expect the next Kanye West album. But you never know…

So help me God, this album better be good. We are very satisfied with the possible songs off the album released so far. The tracklist will give us a better idea.

Stay tuned with us for more Kanye West news. In the meantime, leave a comment as to your expectations of this album by Kanye? Do you think this will be the best album by Kanye yet?

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