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Taylor Swift Says Farewell to 1989 Era in “New Romantics” Music Video

The fans are the best part of the tour. They are the reason the shows are incredible. And I know those fans are just all in…

Taylor gives a shoutout to all her fans-Swifties-at the beginning of the “New Romantics” music video.

The 1989 era is officially coming to an end. And Taylor Swift has released “New Romantics” music video as a thank you to her fans who have been absolutely incredible whole throughout her career and especially in the 1989 era, which marked a huge transformation in Taylor’s career.

“New Romantics” music video consists of an endless reel of stunning, beautiful and enchanting scenes from The 1989 World Tour, as well as never before seen behind the scenes footage of the world tour. This music video is one for the diaries.

new romantics music video
Stunning scenes from 1989 World Tour

The music video was released on Apple Music and is not available on YouTube yet. However here’s a little surprise for you. This is LQ version, but it’s better than having to pay Apple to watch it. Enjoy the brand new music video below.

Taylor Swift – New Romantics (Music Video)

We have reviewed the “New Romantics” single in this article.

The 1989 World Tour has not just been a fan-favorite. It was one of the highest grossing world tours of recent history. Taylor won ‘Best World Tour’ award at iHeart Radio Awards for the 1989 World Tour.

“Looking out into an endless ocean of crowd, that was everything… We’re all really sad that it’s ending, but we’re really happy because of what it was…”

These last words at the end of the music video will resonate among Swifties who fell and re-fell in love with Taylor Swift during the 1989 era.

“New Romantics” music video says a perfect farewell to the 1989 era as well as the 1989 Swifties. Every end means there’s a new beginning. What’s waiting for Swifties after 1989? Only Taylor Swift knows. But whatever it is, she surely will slay!

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