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Top 10 Best Songs by Halsey (Update: January 2019)

The 24-year-old singer, songwriter and actress-Halsey has been having an amazing couple of years. Even though she kicked off her music career in 2015 with her debut studio album ‘Badlands,’ it was her sophomore album ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’ in 2017 that really put her on the radar. One could even say that Halsey’s collaboration with The Chainsmokers on “Closer,” which peaked Billboard Hot 100 in August 2016, shed some much-needed light on the upcoming superstar.

It’s not like ‘Badlands’ did not produce some stellar songs. We received “Control,” “Colours” and “New Americana” from the debut studio album. However, backed by the built up momentum from past years, ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’ album performed better on charts and in sales.

All studio albums aside, Halsey’s best performing song so far has been “Without Me,” released as a standalone track for now. But we are certain that this song will feature in an upcoming album-hopefully in 2019.

Justrandomthings Lists Top 10 Best Songs by Halsey

10. Him & I

“Him & I” isn’t technically a song by Halsey herself. This is a collaboration with Halsey’s ex-G-Eazy. Since the song made it to #1 on Billboard Hot 100, we have included it at #10 on our list. The song appears in G-Eazy’s 2017 album ‘The Beatiful & Damned’ and is G-Eazy’s most successful singles. Towards the latter part of 2018, Halsey and G-Eazy broke up, leading to her producing her most successful single to-date; also listed in our ranking. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) mars this song as Platinum for sales over 1,000,000 units by August 2018.

9. Colours

This song appeared in Halsey’s 2015 album ‘Badlands.’ The song was released as a single and climbed up to #38 on Billboard Hot 100 chart. However, the song is marked Platinum by RIAA as of April 2017. “Colours” is based on the moods of a person in a relationship resembled in different colours. The music video has gathered over 160 million views as of now.

The video contains Halsey and actor and model-Tyler Posey getting romantically engaged.

8. Ghost

“Ghost” appearing as the 11th and final track of ‘Badlands’ album, is one of Halsey’s sexiest songs. The music video features Halsey getting quite touchy-and-feely with an Asian woman dressed in undies. This song was released as single from the album, however, did not chart on Billboard Hot 100. But the song managed to earn a Gold rating from RIAA (marking over 500,000 units sold) and the music video has over 50 million views as of now.

7. Control

The 9th track on ‘Badlands’ album takes a whole different shape from Halsey’s usual tone of music. The creepy song singing about Halsey’s bipolar disorder. Halsey has said that this was one of the most difficult songs she wrote, mainly because it is about herself. She questions which person of herself is really in control! “Control” is marked Gold by RIAA. There is not music video for “Control,” however the audio track itself has over 45 million listens.

6. Strangers

“Strangers” appear in Halsey’s 2017 album ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.’ It was the second promotional single from the album after “Eyes Closed.” The song also features vocals by ex-Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui. The music video presents an intense boxing match between the two superstars. The video tries to convince us that there is nothing called pure evil or pure good. Everything is grey.

5. New Americana

“New Americana” is the second single from ‘Badlands’ album and managed to peak at #25 on Billboard Hot 100. The single, however, sold over 1,000,000 copies by August 2016 within a year since the release. The song is an admiration of how music has helped shape up the culture of the world.

“It’s about America’s tendencies to latch onto diversity and how pop culture has shaped us as a nation. Music is a universal language, and what music has done for our current generation is diversified it, because the music that you grew up on instils a lot of morals and a lot of beliefs in you because, you know, music is the greatest teacher.”


4. Alone

“Alone” was released as the third and final single off of ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’ album in March 2018. A remix version featuring Big Sean and Stefflon Don managed to peak at #17 on Billboard Hot 100 and is marked Gold by RIAA as of July 2018. This song is about being left out of love at every chance she gets an opening. The music video shows Halsey at a masquerade ball, and has over 40 million views.

3. Now or Never

“Now or Never” is the lead single off of Halsey’s second studio album ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.’ Released in April 2017, the song peaked at #3 on Billboard Hot 100 by August 2017 and was marked Platinum in sales by RIAA by February 2018. The song is produced by benncy blanco and Cashmere Cat. The 6-minute music video has over 53 million views and is quite dark as well. The unique style and powerful vocals of this song make this song a must-have for our top 10 best songs by Halsey list.

2. Bad At Love

“Bad at Love” is the second single from ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’ album, and is a personal confession of Halsey on how she is bad at love and relationships. She takes us through a list of lovers and why they did not work out for her. “Bad at Love” peaked at #2 on Billboard Hot 100 by January 2018, from the August 2017 release. The single is also marked Platinum by RIAA in July 2018. The music video shows a Halsey battered and wounded in love.

1. Without Me

Much like Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” or Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next,” Halsey’s biggest hit was inspired by a breakup. “Without Me” is believed to be curated off of Halsey’s breakup with rapper G-Eazy. The song captures powerful, raw emotions by Halsey everytime she performs it. The song questions how her lover could so easily move on from her when she was the one who helped him reach the heights he did.

“Without Me” is currently at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 with intense competition from other superstars like Ariana Grande, Travis Scott and Post Malone. The song was released on October 4, 2018 and was marked Platinum by RIAA on December 12, 2018.

Halsey was invited for countless shows to perform “Without Me” live. Several examples are Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018, Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball 2018, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2019, The Voice Season 15 Grand Final stage, MTV EMA 2018 and more.

On top of these, Halsey also released a remix of the song featuring Juice WRLD, and released a steamy vertical video for the song. The official music video has over 74 million views within 4 months of release. Watch below.

That concludes our top 10 best songs list for Halsey.

Did you like our list? Is your favourite Halsey song in our list? Do you have suggestions for the list? Let us know via a comment below. We will take it for consideration.

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