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Halsey and Andrew Taggart Get “Closer” in Bed on New Music Video

“Closer” has been one of the hottest singles of the Summer and even more throughout the world. It has been owning the Billboard Hot 100 chart ever since it got released, but I do not see the new music video for “Closer” helping on its way for longer glory. In my honest opinion, I believe, the “Closer” music video was a letdown. Why? Read on.

Watch “Closer” Music Video Performed by The Chainsmokers Ft. Halsey

“Closer” single was such a huge sensation; the music video just does not live up to the expectations. The video is basically 4 minutes of continuous touching, groping and kissing between Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers and Halsey-who provide vocals in the song. They connect eyes in a laid-back party and instantly hit it off. Then they are off to the bed in their imaginations. But, where’s the storyline depicted in the lyrics? I believe the “you moved to the city in a broke down car” and “now you’re looking pretty in a hotel bar” would have been a much more appropriate visualization to the song.

Also, it felt as if Andrew Taggart and Halsey lacked the ‘chemistry’ of an on-again-off-again couple in the music video. They had little spark going on for them. They had much better chemistry in the live performance of “Closer” at the 2016 MTV VMAs.

Nevertheless, “Closer” music video has two hot people and they have that going on for them. Andrew Taggart has that ‘confused and broke and cute’ lover thing going on for him and Halsey is quite hot. Andrew shirtless and Halsey in a lacey bra makes up for the lack of a decent message in the video.

I sincerely hope they do a better work with “All We Know” video. Anyway, that is my opinion of the music video for one of the freshest hits by The Chainsmokers. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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