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Taylor Swift Surprises Fans with Ed Sheeran to Perform “Lego House” on Red Tour

‘Red Tour’ was Taylor Swift’s third concert tour following her massively successful album ‘Red.’ The tour spanned over a year throughout March 2013 to June 2014. The Red Tour consisted of 86 shows in total in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. The total attendance is estimated at 1.7 million, grossing approximately $150 million.

Ed Sheeran was one of the main opening acts during the North American leg of the Red Tour. He was accompanied with Better Eldredge, Florida Georgia Line and sometimes by Austin Mahone as opening acts. However, Ed Sheeran’s surprise appearance at the London show on Ferbruary 1, 2014 was one show to remember.

“I’m just wondering how you would feel if I were to tell you, hypothetically, if I were to say that Ed Sheeran is here tonight,” Taylor starts teasing the crowd. And the crowd already knows what’s going on. The O2 Arena filled with 74,000 fans erupt into a cheer. The faint acoustic guitar music fades in from the background.

Watch Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran Perform “Lego House” on Red Tour

Halfway through the performance, Taylor Swift stops their act to spill some history of their friendship.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait. The first time I heard Ed Sheeran’s music, I heard this song (“Lego House”) on the radio. And I though my GOD he’s got the voice of an angel. And I thought, I’ve got to write with him; I’ve got to meet him, and I’ve got to work with him.”

Taylor Swift/Red Tour

“Lego House” is the third single off of Ed Sheeran’s debut studio album ‘+’ (“Plus”) released in 2011. The song was a major breakthrough hit around the world, and reached #5 in UK music charts. The song has sold over 1 million units by 2013 and has had over 29 million streams. Since then, “Lego House” has recorded 2x Platinum in sales in the UK and US, and 6x Platinum in Australia.

Ed Sheeran’s perfect vocals and acoustic guitar, accompanied by Taylor’s sassy attitude, makes this live act one to remember.

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