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21 Savage – monster Ft. Childish Gambino (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The 13th track on the brand new album ‘

“moster” talks about how the money, fame and power could corrupt someone without even their realization. In the song, neither 21 or Gambino admits that they are corrupt, being two of the most famed artists of this time. But they point out how easily it could get to someone’s head and devour them.

In January 2018 Donald Glover revealed his plant to retire ‘Childish Gambino.’ He spoke to the media about ending Gambino’s persona; “I’m making another project right now, but I like endings, I think they’re important to progress.” Hence, there is a chance that “monster” could very well be the last feature by Childish Gambino. He has not confirmed if there are more singles to be released as his Childish-self.

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21 Savage talks about his luxury car collection in “monster” and in other songs from the album, such as “a lot” and “all my friends.” In the latter song, he also talks about how ‘friends’ tend to lose touch when the artists get bigger and bigger.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “monster”


These lyrics by 21 Savage sets the theme for the song. He talks how power, money and fame can easily corrupt a person to the core. A corrupt person could be best identified as a ‘monster.’

Verse 1

Childish Gambino straight up hits us with a double entendre in the first four lines of the first verse of “monster.” He draws a perfectly parallel line between his love for music and sex. Gambino talks about feeling so doing his music and creating a change in the game. On the flip-side, he compares the same feeling to sex and how good it feels. The lyric “might pull out, the game so weak” tells a lot about his plans for Childish Gambino. He admits that he might pull out of the music game as the industry has become quite weak. There is no competition for the likes of Gambino in hip-hop now. “Pull out” is also a reference to sex.

Glover also gives a shout out to his hometown Atlanta-popularly referenced as ‘Zone 6.’ Next he also brings up gun violence happening in the streets in broad daylight. Gambino’s hit single “This Is America” is also a dedication to spreading awareness on gun violence.

Referencing back to his remark on the music industry getting weaker, Gambino cleverly creates a line of ‘mumble rap,’ which has been severely criticized by veterans such as Eminem as well.

Finally, Gambino shouts out his collaborator as they both come from Atlanta and from nothing. He also says that the music level is ‘savage’ among them, whereas the industry is merely ‘average.’

Verse 2

21 Savage gets in on “monster” to perform the second verse. His main themes on these lyrics are of his upbringing, the chaos he had to grow in, his luxury cars and reminsces his late brother as well.

21 explicitly says that he has no time for petty beefs. He believes that should he chose to respond to rap beefs, he would just be doing the others a favor by giving him free promotion.

The singer also talks about how he is self-made and how he is addicted to success. 21 has had a rough upbringing. He has been charged with gun possession from a very small age and has been in and out of jail countless times. But, much like the album title suggests, he believes he is better off than he was.

21 Savage goes into a savage mode by addressing his teachers who said he will not get anywhere in life. However, after just two studio albums, 21 Savage is worth an estimate of $8 million. His luxury car collection includes Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari and Mercs. So it is no exaggeration when he says he could pay off 10 years of a teacher’s salary with the value of one of his cars.

We hear a good vocal combo on “monster” track. The song also carries a valuable meaning, accompanied by a nice beat. That’s a sure-shot trifecta of a successful song.

Let us know what you think about “monster” by 21 Savage and Childish Gambino. What do you think the song means? What are your favorite lines from the song? Leave a comment below.

Complete Lyrics to “monster” by 21 Savage and Childish Gambino

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