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The 1975 – Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied” is one of a kind track on the brand new album ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’ by The 1975. However, it is not a totally uncommon theme in the band’s discography. In this track we hear Matt Healy raising some BIG questions that humanity has failed to find answers for. Ready for this?

In “Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied,” the frontman of the band, Matt Healy, seems to deconstruct his own persona for a greater prize–the truth. He reveals that he has lied in his songs and fabricated some stories for the It factor. But now, he longs for the truth, and the first step is coming clean himself.

So, what is this truth Matt Healy is looking for? It is a fragile thing and quite unexplainable. It is the meaning behind our existence. Is it worth losing your sleep over? Probably not!

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In the hook of the song, Matt Healy puts all the cards on the table. Lately he has been feeling like things are not exactly what they seem to be. He confesses that he is part of the problem as well. His persona as the lead singer of The 1975 is also a manifestation. He cannot help but feel like a big part of the puzzle is missing!

In the first verse of the song, the singer also confesses that he has never had sex in a car although he has claimed to have. It seems like Matt is trying to clean his slate in hopes of getting somewhat closer to the truth. But whenever he finds himself at a destination, he realizes that what he is looking for is not there. He wanders aimlessly again to end up at yet another unfulfilling destination. Maybe part of the problem is that he is not aware of what he is even looking for.

In the bridge of the song only we come across the title of the song, and it makes sense. Matt says that “Because if nothing is revealed, everything denied” which is another way of saying that knowledge is paramount in the quest for the truth. As long as you surround yourself with misinformation, you will essentially live a life of fear and denial. This is evident in the resurgence of people denying climate change as a myth and believing the Earth is a flat object. This is why science helps humans expand their boundaries and take them one step closer to the truth. But all sciences require tangible evidence. This is what keeps humans from turning the final page of the book. There are things that science has not been able to explain thus far; such as the human mind and soul.

Matt Healy also spits on artists who exploit their fans by making them purchase all kinds of unnecessary things. And only rich fans get exclusive benefits of being a fan of an artist in this model, which is quite pitiful.

What is your take on the reality of life? Let us hear in the comments below. Check out the complete lyrics of the track on Genius.

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