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Lil Peep, ILoveMakonen and Fall Out Boy Join for “I’ve Been Waiting” (Lyrics Review)

Lil Peep, ILoveMakonen and Fall Out Boy have a brand new banger out. This is the second time Lil Peep and ILoveMakonen hav worked together and both times seems to be good times for both the artists. The new collab “I’ve Been Waiting” is something of a pop-emo fusion that we did not we needed until now.

A year before the untimely passing of Lil Peep, he had an interview with XXL Magazine and said “I grew up listening to a lot of emo music, a lot of rock music, a lot of rap music, a lot of trap music, funk, everything. One of my favourite hip-hop artists is Makonnen. One of my favourite bands is Fall Out Boy. You put those two together and that’s Lil Peep.”

ILoveMakonen explained that Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy reached out to him to extend his condolences for passing of Lil Peep, and questioned “Is there anything I can do?” and thus began the blueprints for this collaboration. Pete Wentz explained his involvement in the track: “We wanted to make it sound like, I wouldn’t say a rock song, but we were thinking band. All of the music we were doing is very cross-genre stuff, so we wanted to be able to make songs that could fit in any genre.”

“I’ve Been Waiting” is an extract from Lil Peep and ILoveMakonen’s joint album ‘Diamonds’ expected in April 2019. The album is said to be 19 tracks in length, and many of the songs with Lil Peep were recorded back in 2017.

A sneak peek of what is to come in ‘Diamonds’ collaborative album (Imag source: altpress)

Listen to “I’ve Been Waiting” by Lil Peep and ILoveMakonen

The song is a cry of heartache of a couple fallen apart. The singer is heard screaming for an opportunity for them to reunite. However, the girl seems to have moved on.

Their love really did leave a mark on him when they broke up. He was/is addicted and now it stings like a needle going through his heart. But she has gone stone-cold, maybe it’s not her fault at all. Now she has little to no response towards his extended love offers. The once blazing fire has not turned to cold, burnt out charcoal.

Let us know what you feel about this brand new collab in the comments below. And find the full lyrics to the song below.

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