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Watch Post Malone’s Sexy Video for “Die For You” Featuring G-Eazy (Review)

Post Malone has revived a hit single from 2016 with a brand new and a sexy music video. “Die For You” is a remix of the track “Cold” appeared in Malone’s 2016 album ‘Stoney.’ The new remix includes verses by G-Eazy as well. And the title of the song has been changed, rightly so as the two songs are majorly different now.

The reason for reviving this song is not publicized by any of the artists involved. There is a chance that G-Eazy laid eyes on this track and proposed the remix. Either way, the new track “Die For You” has come out quite epic.

The music video released along with the remix shows both artists performing on stage and the perks of the high-life.

Watch “Die For You” Music Video

Malone speaks about his diamonds (“ice”) and he uses these as means of impressing the girls-not to mention his smooth lines such as “I’d die for you.” He also says that he has very little use for all the money he has accumulated. Now, it is all about living it up.

G-Eazy does not fall behind Malone is comparing his luxuries of his life. Between these two artists, they have an estimated net worth of 20 million as of now.

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