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Labrinth, Sia, Diplo (LSD) – It’s Time (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

If you require proof of how flexible the Pop supergroup LSD is, their new collaborative album ‘LABRINTH, SIA & DIPLO PRESENT… LSD’ comes highly recommended. There was never a question of how talented the members of the group, Labrinth, Sia and Diplo, ever were. But they make this album an opening to showcase their versatility in music. From head-bangers such as “No New Friends” to dreamy tracks such as “Mountains” to melodious vocal powerhouses such as “It’s Time,” this album by LSD is complete!

The new album ‘LABRINTH, SIA & DIPLO PRESENT… LSD’ was released on April 12, 2019, initiated from singles releases from May 2018. The 10 track album has no featured artists, except for “Genius” remix with Lil Wayne.

The 9th track, titled “It’s Time,” from this brand new album is as dramatic as it gets. The creative and powerful lyrics paint a demented picture of what a ‘wrong’ relationship looks like. There are no explicit lyrics, but they are some well crafted verses.

Right off the first verse, Sia cries about their ‘dead’ relationship. Valentine’s Day, for those couples who celebrate it, is a big event on their annual calendar. Getting “dead roses” or rather, “wilted” roses on such a day would give us a good indication of the giver’s priorities. Clearly, the girl is not on his priority list. Harsh words, being given last priority, lack of endearment has left this relationship dry.

On the second verse, Labrinth chimes in on his perspective in this relationship. On his end, he only feels cold words and unwelcomed eyes from her. However, we do not get to hear why this relationship has succumbed to this wormhole.

The gist of the song is that, when a relationship falls into a such a crumbling stage, it’s time to let go. The longer you hold on, the stronger it hurts.

Listen to “It’s Time” by LSD.

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