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Watch Nicki Minaj as an Almost-Nude Queen in “Ganja Burn” Music Video (Review)

Nicki Minaj’s latest album ‘Queen’ is the hottest deal right now. The entire album is dedicated to restoring Nicki’s position as ‘queen’ of the rap/hip-hop game. The same type of message is given in her song “Majesty” featuring Eminem and Labrinth. In “Ganja Burn” music video, Nicki tells the backstory of the album ‘Queen.’

Nicki Minaj has publicly said “Ganja Burn” is her favorite track in the album, and in the rush of things she made a mistake when registering the track name. She registered the song as ‘burns’ instead of ‘burn.’

“Ganja Burn” has an upbeat tempo and some catchy lyrics.

Watch “Ganja Burn” Music Video

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The video starts off by giving a description of the story of this queen from the desert. This powerful and ferocious queen once ruled the kingdom but had to take a step back when she was attacked. However, she rose from the ‘death’ and conquered the kingdom and became the queen again. It seems to be Nicki is making a reference to her career in music with this statement. The recent turmoils with regard to competition must have made her feel as if she took a step back. But with the release of ‘Queen’ album, she is reclaiming her position in the music game.

After this statement, the music video proceeds to bring us some exotic dance moves and Nicki Minaj as the queen. She looks sizzling hot, flaunting her curvaceous body in gold attire. She rises from the dust and changes in gold jewelry-donned attire and to an almost-nude costume as well. Her backup dancers-all male-looks savage and ferocious.

The entire “Ganja Burn” video is a work of art, with striking poses, lighting effects, angles, skulls, fire, close-ups and what not.

The album titled and the cover art looks to be from “Ganja Burn” music video.

Comment below if you enjoyed this music video by Nicki Minaj, and let the wait begin until “Majesty” video releases (*fingers crossed*).

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