selena gomez hot in kill em with kindness music video

Selena Gomez Slays in “kill em with kindness” Music Video

Another track from the latest ‘Revival’ album gets a music video. And this time, Selena Gomez is shooting for a whole different kind of sexy. “kill em with kindness” music video was released just 24 hours ago and it already has accumulated 3 million views on YouTube alone. That’s why we can say Selena Gomez really kills it in “kill em with kindness” music video.

The music video has been directed by Emil Nava.

Watch Selena Gomez in “kill em with kindness” music video

Selena Gomez is dressed in lingerie and night gowns and what not in this music video-continuing with the tradition of showing her body confidence as happened throughout the whole ‘Revival’ era.

“Hands To Myself” was probably the hottest video of the ‘Revival’ era and it’s clear to us that Selena Gomez wants her little-princess image out of the way. But she does it ever so gloriously and graciously.

It’s amazing how far Selena Gomez has come from the “Who Says” era. We were fortunate enough to see the birth and growth of another star.

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