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August Alsina – Entanglements Ft. Rick Ross | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Louisiana-based singer/songwriter August Alsina released a brand new song titled “Entanglements” and it is as clear as day that this song speaks to a very specific time in his relationship history. The singer has left enough bread crumbs for the audience to figure out who he is talking about. Some people will need some serious “willpower” to sit through this track.

August Alsina taps in Rick Ross for the track to talk about a very special person who was in his life–Jada Pinkett Smith, the wife of Hollywood’s famous Will Smith. The now-confirmed relationship between Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina sparked out in 2016 at a time when Jada and Will’s marriage was at the brink of extinction. The husband and wife talked about this struggling times and Jada’s relationship with August in a recent episode of Jada’s talk show ‘Red Table Talk.’

Watch Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith Confront Her Relationship with August Alsina on Red Table Talk

Jada Smith and August seem to have called things off when Jada and Will Smith started working on their marriage.

Many sources reveal, including this song, that August Alsina was a little too much in love with Jada, which lead him to be heartbroken over their relationship being labeled an ‘entanglement.’ Fueled with these thoughts, August releases “Entanglements.”

Listen to “Entanglements” by August Alsina & Rick Ross

“Entanglements” Lyrics Meaning & Song Review


August Alsina does not mess around coming up with his own definition for the word ‘entanglement.’ He calls it getting entangled under the sheets and enjoying each other’s bodies. Even he does not want to call it a relationship now since the word has been reduced to no meaning after that episode of Red Table Talk. If Jada can define words, so can August!

Verse 1

At the jump of the first verse, we are given two major hints at who this song is about. The story reads how this woman is leaning on August’s shoulder, a true beauty queen with massive reputation. She is questioning his “willpower”?? A clear reference to Will Smith. “Jaded by her beauty”?? Jada Pinkett Smith?

The reference the ‘The Matrix’ is yet another strong link to the Smith family. Will Smith was offered the lead role in The Matrix, which he turned down to shoot Wild Wild West. Jada Smith starred in the latter two Matrix movies in the trilogy.

Tell you all my darkest stories, promise that you won’t depart

In the Red Table Talk episode, Jada and Will Smith talks about the time when they met August Alsina in 2015. Both admit that August was festered with his own bundle of problems. Jada admits that she grew closer to August whilst helping him overcome his own issues.

The reference to Tupac is another strong link to Jada Pinkett Smith who has admitted her love for the late great Tupac Shakur.

August wants to give us another definition was for the word ‘entanglement:’ “Entanglement is when a man’ll lick until you tremble.” Ouch!

But after all said and done, the final remark is that August Alsina still loves Jada Pinkett Smith.

Verse 2

In the second verse, August and Rick Ross talk further about the relationship. August says that he does not want a ‘strings-attached’ relationship. He knows that Jada and Will were still married and he wants no part of being a home-wrecker. So he stepped back when the time was right. But to phrase what they had as an ‘entanglement’ did hurt him.

August says that once you walk away from your husband, there is no going back. He talks about doing wild things under the sheets with her, and how she loved this younger guy’s attention.

Verse 3

The third verse of “Entanglements” by August Alsina is just pure savage. He talks about how Will Smith is going to see his face every time he gets intimate with Jada Smith again. This song shouldn’t be any easier on Will either. He also goes as far as to call Jada and Will’s marriage a “house with no key,” which means it is accessible to everyone. And August also had the key at one point.

Jada may not want to give their little secret timeline a proper label, but now everyone knows they were in a relationship–a very physical one too.

But August says that he is moving on. No matter how much it would hurt him, it is not worth to be involved in this drama.

Although Will Smith is an accomplished singer and rapper, it is unlikely that he will have any response to this track by August Alsina. The song is directed at Jada Pinkett Smith and the world. It will yeild no fruits to fester this wound any further.

Let us hear what you think about this song by August Alsina and Rick Ross in the comments below. Check out the complete lyrics on and further meaning breakdown on Genius.

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