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Nigahiga Teaches How to Create a Mumble Rap Song in Under 2 Hours!

If you do not know who Nigahiga is, you probably haven’t spent much time in the ‘comedy’ section of YouTube. Ryan Higa has managed to accumulate over 21 million subscribers on YouTube since he got into making videos back in 2006. He is known for creating some hilarious videos. The 28-year-old social media star is valued at a little over $2 million in 2018.

He is known for his music videos as well. His unique productions such as ‘Millenial Love,” “S.W.G.” and “Bromance” have gone viral amassing millions of views on YouTube. His latest comic video is ‘How to Make Mumble Rap’ and it’s hilarious. In this video Nigahiga joins with his music production friend, David Choi, to create a mumble rap video. In the end, he shows their final outcome of the mumble rap video, which we chose to title “8 Grapes.” Why? Because it is about eating grapes.

This video is a comedic slap at the very popular ‘mumble rap’ music that has taken over hip-hop and rap industry recently. Eminem came down mercilessly on mumble rappers in his latest album ‘Kamikaze.’

Steps to Creating Mumble Rap Track as per Nigahiga

Step 01: Chose Your Mumble Rap Name

Ryan and David attempt to come up with their own rap names. They discover a lot of “Lil” rappers in the genre and they give up looking for a name.

Step 02: Triplets

The most important element in creating modern-day mumble rap is adding triplets.

This is Ryan’s lyrics vocalized to triplet beats:

“Started with one and now I got two and then now I got three and a four…”

Step 03: Deep Voice Auto-Tune

Another important aspect is adding an unintelligible deep track of vocals. To get this effect Ryan Higa stuffs 6 grapes in his mouth and mumbles some words. David Choi instructs him to up the game and stuff 8 grapes in for the perfect mumble rap video. We believe this is where the inspiration for the “8 Grapes” track began to form.

“This is a message that goes out to all my haters…”

These vocals are not audible or clear at all.

Step 04: Random Sounds

Next, they move on to add ad-libs to the track. Ad-libs are “b-r-r-r-r,” “Yeaaaaaaaah,” “skkrrrrrttttt,” “ugh,” “Yo,” and the list goes on and on.

All of this took Ryan Higa and David Choi a little over two hours. Now you know the steps, you can make your own hot track in under this time.

Watch “8 Grapes” Mumble Rap Video

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