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Ariana Grande – shut up | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“shut up” is the first track on Ariana Grande’s 2020 album ‘Positions.’ Ariana Grande Tweeted out that; “i promise this is me answering the question and not telling u to shut up.”

Ariana Grande announced her sixth studio album ‘Positions‘ seemingly out of nowhere on October 14, 2020. A week later, the pop star released the lead single and the title track of the album titled ‘positions.’ The album releases on October 30, 2020. This is Grande’s follow-up project to her 2019 heartbreak album ‘Thank U, Next.’

In the song, Ariana Grande sings about herself, and also addresses her haters, and tells them to ‘shut up’ or rather spreading misinformation about her.

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“shut up” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Ariana Grande lets us know a little bit about herself since her last album. She did go through a lot of heartaches when it came to relationships in 2017-2019, but she wants us not to feel bad for her. She tells us how the demons she battled in the last few years helped her develop a new perspective in life and made her stronger as a person.


Ariana Grande goes hard at her haters in these lyrics. She asks everyone else how have they been spending their time and using their mouths in the last few years. It is true that Ariana Grande did endure some personal issues and public drama over her relationships. But that is her personal drama, and should not concern any of us. Worse is, when all of us know only half the story and we spread that information as the full truth. Yes, we do look dumb doing so.!

Verse 2

In these lyrics, Ariana Grande explains what she has been up to so that no one has to create rumors about her personal life. She tells us that she has been hanging out with friends more, and that does not mean that they entertain any drug usage. It is very unlikely that Ariana Grande would follow a path of drug usage as she was a first-hand witness to the drug abuse and destruction it brought to her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, who overdosed in September 2018.

Ariana Grande also reveals that she just loves her music and works harder than ever to succeed in it. And she also keeps her mouth shut, possibly on social media, because she does not want to attract any unnecessary drama to her life.

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