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Jennifer Lopez – In The Morning | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Jennifer Lopez took to social media to tease her upcoming single “In The Morning.” The announcement came just days before the single release on November 27, 2020. However, the most impressive thing about the announcement is the single artwork, which is a fully nude picture of Jennifer Lopez, who turned 51-years-old this year, yet doesn’t look a year older than 30!

Jennifer Lopez also teased a snippet of the song two days prior to the release of the song.

Listen to “In The Morning” by Jennifer Lopez

The lyrics to the song talk about the singer being stuck in a deceitful relationship. She notices a pattern in his sweet talks, only when he needs some action in the bed. So, Jennifer Lopez wonders if he still loves her in the morning (after his needs are fulfilled through the night), as he does in the evening.

If you love me
Say it in the morning
Not just in the evеning
Only when you want my body

Stay tuned for the song release on Friday.

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