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Lauren Jauregui – On Guard | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“On Guard” is the fifth track on Lauren Jauregui’s 2021 extended-play album ‘The Prelude.’ The song features vocals by singer 6LACK marking their first collaboration ever. Thematically, the song is about keeping the singer’s shields up having betrayed in love countless times before.

Lauren Jauregui released her debut EP ‘The Prelude’ on November 5, 2021, and “On Guard” is one of the fan favorites on the album. The 7 tracks on this album will pave the way for the debut studio album by Lauren, expected to release in 2022.

Talking to the ‘Verified’ segment on, Lauren Jauregui explained the inspiration behind “On Guard”; “The original inspiration for this track, I think I was just contemplating kind of how I approach relationships. It’s interesting because I tend to fall into things really quickly. And I think I was contemplating what it would be like if I actually protected my heart and didn’t move so quickly.”

Listen to “On Guard” by Lauren Jauregui Ft. 6LACK

Lauren Jauregui “On Guard” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

Lauren unpacks a lot in the first verse of the song. She talks about the feline instincts that have gotten her out of trouble since she was young. But sometimes she gives in to her feelings over her intuition and things go out of hand.

Take some patience and persistence
Time and a precision

So, next time around, Lauren is going to take some time to evaluate the chances of this relationship breaking her heart. She says that the next lover in line will have to wait until she decides to open her heart to him. He will not brute force into her heart with whispers of sweet-nothings!

Lauren calls her love a work of art. But every artist needs inspiration and motivation within to deliver their best work. So her new lover will have to do their part proper to inspire Lauren to deliver her part.


In the hook of the song, Lauren Jauregui emphasizes that she will not rush into decisions relating to matters of the heart. Her priority, going forward, is protecting her heart, rather than opening it to the next one in line.

Verse 2

In the second verse of the song, 6LACK jumps in to give his perspective on this dynamic.

You tell me not to block my blessings but I’m blessed on my own

Lauren Jauregui thinks she is 6LACK’s blessing in life and we know how their relationship has gone south. But 6LACK has no chill. He says that he does not need anyone else to be his blessings. He is blessed on his own. 6LACK has been quite successful in his musical journey so far.

I know not to make a person my home

The absolute savagery continues. 6LACK says that one person, other than himself, will not decide his happiness and peace. His home will be whatever he opts it to be. 6LACK sounds truly awakened to the human condition that happiness is only found within yourself and not in anything external.

6LACK is not here to surrender. He says his gut feeling is on point like Floyd Mayweather, a former boxing star. A gut feeling is something you feel instinctively. It might be something that defies logic or does not leave you enough time to argue logic.

Love is a fragile thing and so is your heart. Protect it all costs and know that your happiness does not rely on anyone else other than you.

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