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Watch Eminem Perform Some of His Best Songs Live at Glasgow Show

The Rap God has awoken and we think it is for a good reason this time. The Glasgow Summer Sessions might just be the tip of the iceberg, as there’s plenty of rumors that Eminem could be dropping a new album very soon. With the kind of star power Eminem holds, the Glasgow show for Eminem sold out like hot pie and Eminem did not disappoint the crowd. He performed some of his most iconic tracks and sent the fans into a hysteria. We have collected some of the performances from the Bellahouston Park, Glasgow show for you.

Eminem Performs “Not Afraid” at Glasgow

One of Eminem’s all time massive hits, “Not Afraid” was dedicated to everyone who was going through troubles, especially drug addiction. That was a personal message from Eminem himself.

Eminem Performs “The Hills (Remix)”

The Weeknd’s “The Hills” is one of his all-time hits and back in 2015, Eminem and The Weeknd did a remix of the track including a few rap verses. Although The Weeknd was not present at the Glasgow show, Eminem performed his verses over the track.

Eminem & Royce da 5’9 Perform “Detroit VS Everybody” and “Fast Lane”

Eminem brought down his record label partner Royce da 5’9 to perform two of the most famous tracks by Bad Meets Evil.

“Square Dance,” “Won’t Back Down,” “3 A.M.,” “Business” and “Kill You” Live from Glasgow Summer Sessions

Eminem opening the Glasgow Summer sessions with the iconic tracks mentioned above. Watch the extended clip.

Watch Eminem Perform “Lose Yourself” Live

One of Eminem’s and music’s all-time greatest tracks “Lose Yourself” was performed live at Glasgow.


Watch Eminem Forget Lyrics to “Stan” at Glasgow Gig

“Stan” is one of the greatest song by Eminem and it was quite hilarious when he messed up the lyrics to a verse.

Rap God goes: “I read about your uncle Ronnie too. I’m Sorry. I had a friend kill himself over some bitch who didn’t want him….AARRRGGHHH, we gonna run that back…” and the crowd bursts out laughing.


There are speculations that Eminem did this on purpose to address the media claims that he lip syncs in concerts.

Whatever the accusations and however the outcome of the Glasgow Summer Sessions came up, it was really good to see the Rap God back in action and doing what he does best. Let us now keep our chins up for a new album in 2017.

Comment your thoughts on the above performances below. We think he has still got it.

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