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Omah Lay – Attention Ft. Justin Bieber | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

A song about ‘attention’ has gained the attention of 15+ million people at the moment. Nigerian singer/songwriter/producer Omah Lay linked up with Justin Bieber for their first-ever collaboration, titled “Attention.” A groovy vibe and some catchy lyrics have propelled this song to mainstream success.

“Attention” is the first taste of Omah Lay’s upcoming 2022 project ‘Boy Alone.’ Omah Lay has been making waves in the industry since 2020 as a promising rising star. This song might have established himself as one to keep an eye for.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Omah Lay talked about the meaning and inspiration behind the song; “so, the song is titled ‘Attention,’ and it’s basically me following this girl all around. A few parties, a bonfire, and a lot of color and stuff. Yeah, it’s actually about attention. Trying to get her attention and thing I hope people take away from this song is the emotions, the realness. There is a thing about my songs and lyrics. It’s always about telling a story.”

In the same video, Justin Bieber talked about working on the project; “All I can say is that I’m so blessed to be here with Omah Lay. This guy right here is an absolute legend. And he inspires me so much.”

Listen to “Attention” by Omah Lay and Justin Bieber

Omah Lay “Attention” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Justin Bieber kicks off the first verse of the song. He talks about being up all night thinking about the love of his life — or his crush. He cannot get her off his mind.

Should I drink up? Smoke up?
I need some freedom, freedom, ah, in my life

The singers are deprived of affection in their relationships. Everybody needs to be addicted to something in life — else it feels empty. When you are addicted to another person, you would expect some back-and-forth give and take. When one of these avenues is shut down, they have to seek other ways to fulfill their addiction needs. Omah and Bieber are considering getting high from smokes or drinks to fill the void in their hearts.

Little love and some affection on the side
Little trust and some passion would be nice

Omah Lay gets rather vulnerable on this track. Men need attention, too. They are not very vocal about it all the time. This song should give courage to anyone feeling lonely or left out to go get what they want. Be it love, affection, touch, warmth, or just attention, everybody deserved what their heart craves. Nobody deserves to be deprived of their feelings.

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