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Taylor Swift Returns on Social Media with Creepy Snake Video, Meaning?

Just yesterday we discussed how Taylor Swift literally vanished from all of her social media handles. And we guessed it was going to be signs of a new album coming, since TS6 is already past due date. So we were expecting some hint as to what her next single or album might be. But instead, we got a snake video.

Yes, she literally posted a snake video and not those cute and cuddly snakes either. It looks like one of those not-so-pretty (keeping things positive) snakes, twisting and wiggling in a low-light, crappy camera work video clip. For us those who expected some glamorous social media return from Taylor Swift, she went on and delivered the completely unexpected.

Watch the Snake Video Taylor Swift Shared on Facebook

This 10 second clip that was shared a few minutes ago has already sparked a lot of rumors and controversies among the fans as well as the grapevine. Is she going rogue? Is she trying to send someone a message? Is she hinting at her 2017 album? Is she toying with our emotions? The questions are unanswered. But one thing we can be sure of is that Taylor Swift is a great strategist and this is just another part of her bigger plan.

Taylor Swift’s official Facebook page which got wiped clean of all posts, had seen a drop in likes as of yesterday. But today, the page is back to it’s former glory with over 74 million likes. This number will increase courtesy of this brilliant marketing strategy.

Why a Snake?

Out of all the possible deadly and creepy animals why did Taylor Swift chose a snake? This could be interpreted in many ways. Here are some theories…

During the peak of Taylor Swift-Katy Perry feud, Taylor Swift was called a ‘snake’ by opposing parties. A slithering, two tongued creature who cannot be trusted is the general interpretation of being called a snake. So, Taylor Swift could be ‘making a castle out of the bricks they are throwing at her.’ She could be using her haters as her shield. That would be brilliant.

Or, Taylor Swift could be showing that she is moving on from her past, for some reason. In the short snake video shared, the snake seems to be squiggling quite hard which could be the behavior when it is shedding it’s old skin to grow new skin. So, metaphorically, Taylor Swift might be telling all of us that she is beginning something new. Something totally different from what she has done so far. And that would be the 2017 album.

Or, the snake video could be part of a music video that is coming up from one of her songs in the new album. This is unlikely, because it is such a horrid video. Unless, Taylor Swift has officially been broken down, we cannot expect such a video from this star.

Those are some of the theories we came up with on the go. What do you think this snake video means? Comment below.

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TS6 is coming *wink*

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