57th grammy awards 2015 seating arrangements

Beyonce, JayZ, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and More Seating Arrangements from Grammy 2015

The 2015 Grammy Awards is upon us. The grandest award ceremony of music is all set to happen tomorrow night (Feb 8) at Staples Center, LA and will be hosted, again, by LL Cool J. The 57th Grammy Awards is going to be pretty epic with performances from Madonna, Katy Perry, Hozier, Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga and many more. Taylor Swift announced that she will not be performing on the Grammy stage due to lack of time in preparation for her world tour. As sad as that may be, we are still very much excited for other performances.

Seating arrangements are a big deal at these mega events. With all the feuds going on, The Academy has to be very careful in making seating arrangements as not to start up a huge scene. Especially, Taylor Swift seems to have a lot of haters for some reason. Diplo, John Mayer and Katy Perry have been ACTIVELY taking swings at her at every turn possible. Sad! So to avoid all this drama, the seating arrangements have been set up to bring the best out of the celebrities from the Grammy night.

Seating Arrangements for Grammy Awards 2015


seating arrangements at grammy 2015
Looks like the power couple will be sitting next to each other as always. This right here is the role-model couple of music. Take notes!

Behind the power couple we can see seating arrangements for Common, Stevie Wonder, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and Ryan Tedder. This must be the VIP area. LOL.

seating arrangements grammy 2015
Taylor Swift, Abigail Anderson and Haim sisters!!!

Taylor Swift was given a front row seat as always. Although she will not be performing at the Grammy awards, she will be bringing her awkwardly-swifty dance moves to the night. She also announced that her date to the event will be her long time BFF Abigail Anderson. To the right of Taylor Swift will be Max Martin, her super producer for ‘1989’ album. Members of HAIM will be sitting right behind Taylor Swift. Haim sisters and Taylor Swift have been having so much fun lately, this looks like the perfect seating arrangement for Taylor Swift. And Ed Sheeran, Taylor’s BFF, will be sitting next to HAIM.

The power house of hip hop, Kanye West, will be sitting next to her beautiful wife Kim Kardashian

Behind Kanye, John Legend will be seated. Mary J Blige is seated next to John Legend. We can also see Charlie XCX, Iggy Azalea and HAIM again in this seating arrangements.

Katy Perry will be sitting next to legendary Prince, no John Mayer in sight.

Behind Katy Perry and Prince will be Blake Shelton, Sam Smith, Miranda Lambert, R. Kelly, Jennifer Hudson and James Napier. Is that Ne Yo with the slanted black hat? WOW

Sam Smith certainly seems to be excited to sit behind Rihanna.
Too many legends?

Sir Paul McCartney is having a great year. He featured on several songs back to back. And now he has a front seat to The Grammys. He will be sitting next to Madonna, who will perform “Living for Love” tomorrow night. Behind them are Nile Rogers, Ne Yo, Tourist, Rita Ora, Ziggy Marley, Hunter Hayes and at way back Juicy J.

seating arrangements grammy 2015
Ed Sheeran and Pharrell Williams

Two of the best talents of music will be seated next to each other. Ed Sheeran and Pharrell Williams are sitting side by side on Grammy 2015 night. These are the moments that spark up music collaborations later on. **FINGERS CROSSED so hard**

The Heartbreakers, Nathan East, Herbie sitting next to each other at Grammy Awards 2015.

That’s about it. I think these individual pictures pretty much covered the biggest names of music attending the Grammy Awards 2015. Kudos to The Academy for getting the seating arrangements right (or so we think) and now lets get the awards distributed fairly.

57th Grammy Awards will take place on February 8, 2015 and will be streamed on CBS.

seating arrangements grammy 2015
Oh, and these two!

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