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Taylor Swift – You’re Losing Me | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Taylor Swift took to Instagram today to announce the newest edition of her twelfth studio album ‘Midnights; Til Dawn.’ This album extension, releasing on May 26, 2023, is expected to pack a brand new song ‘From the Vault’ titled “You’re Losing Me.”

The queen of ‘long list of ex-lovers,’ Taylor Swift, could yet be talking about one of her ex-lovers in this brand-new track. However, fans are eagerly waiting for the full release of the song to determine if the song talks about Taylor’s recent breakup with her long-term boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been going strong since making their relationship public in 2017. Joe Alwyn has been the subject of a few songs by Taylor, such as “London Boy,” “Lover,” “All the Girls You Loved Before,” and more. The couple called off their relationship in April 2023. However, the song is ‘from the vault,’ meaning the song was written for the ‘Midnights’ album but didn’t make the final cut.

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Taylor Swift “You’re Losing Me” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The song talks about a dying relationship and the two involved watch it burn to ashes. But, will it rise back like a phoenix rising from the ashes? Taylor Swift has the answer;

“I’m getting tired even for a phoenix
Always risin’ from the ashes”

But what could be the reason for this riff between the two? Sometimes the problem is obvious and other times, not so much. In this scenario, Taylor’s partner says “I don’t understand” to what is happening between them. Taylor’s response is that she knows that he does not understand. This helps no one.

Maybe, Taylor has already spoken out about what needs to be fixed. Maybe, even she is at a loss for words.

The relationship is almost dead. It’s on life support. So, his sweet nothing whispers early mornings don’t mean anything to Taylor. Those little words can’t breathe back life into this relationship anymore.

When Taylor’s face turned gray from losing all happiness and life, he still couldn’t admit that they were over. This relationship is a perfect example of death while being alive.

Why are they not calling it off then? Maybe they are about to. But why didn’t they already? For one, Taylor Swift is unsure if she wants to throw away everything they have built so far. Also, Taylor Swift calls herself a “pathological people pleaser.” This insinuates that she wants to be the one that fights till her last breath, the last to walk out, the one to make things right, and so on. But, this also means that she is the one susceptible to the most pain when things don’t work out.

This relationship is over. It is just a matter of calling it now.

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