Taylor Swift 1989

This Just Proves That Taylor Swift Fans Will Just Buy Anything – Even 08 Seconds of Static

I often wonder how Taylor Swift has got the golden touch. Taylor could sing anything, write anything, wear anything, say anything, dance anyway, smile anyway or even release 8 seconds of pure noise and it all turns gold. Taylor Swift’s fan base is that strong and loyal.

In a weird glitch or mix-up an accidental ‘track’ of the 1989 album was released on iTunes today. It got released after midnight at about 1 am. Still the Swfties were up checking out the album or just stalking her fan pages and stuff. The track was named ‘track 03’ and Swifties went crazy thinking that it is a surprise track release by Taylor.

Neither Taylor nor Apple has made any remarks as to what happened, but I really doubt that Taylor had anything to do with it. However the crazed fan base downloaded the track without even previewing it. When they did preview it, they realized it was just static noise-like the buzzing noise when your TV doesn’t have reception.

This happened to the iTunes Canadian users. The news spread like wildfire and everybody started downloading it. The static-track became iTunes’ Canada’s most viewed track within a matter of hours. It even beat Taylor’s latest single Welcome To New York‘ which was released Monday midnight.

This little incident goes on to prove that Swifties would just buy anything released by their Queen Tay.

My personal opinion on the latest single form 1989 ‘Welcome To New York’, was that the single was not up to standard. I believed my thought would be mutual-but Welcome To New York gained number one position on iTunes within a matter of hours after the release. The Swifties are just unstoppable.

Taylor Swift’s 1989 album releases on October 27, 2014 and I am quite convinced that this album too will go multi-platinum within the opening week itself. It will be the number one album on many countries around the world. Should that happen, Taylor Swift will be the only artist in the history of music to have 4 consecutive number 1 albums. Taylor is tied with The Beatles for 3 consecutive number 1 albums as of now.

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