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Lil Dicky Tribute: Top 5 Best Comedic/Weird Songs Ever

We have had so many fond memories with Weird Al Yankovic who ushered a new era in comedic music. He wrote his own rib-tickling lyrics over existing song tunes and he made us cry with laughter. However, David Andrew Burd AKA Lil Dicky has a different approach to comedic music. He creates his own lyrics and tunes and he plays with tunes, rhymes, bars and everything else in music. This, makes Lil Dicky stand out from the rest of the musicians out there.

Lil Dicky is a rapper-a comedic rapper. He has no macho, suave or the muscles to pose as a ‘typical’ rapper. In fact, he does the exact opposite. He is breaking the stereotype of ‘rap’ and ‘rap music.’ Hip hop, Pop and Rap are his genres with which he infuses the comedy of life. His music is inspired with everyday events, so most of them are quite relatable to everybody. Lil Dicky almost always releases a music video along with his songs and these videos play an integral part in narrating the story of his songs.

We will try and list down the top 5 of Lil Dicky’s music so far, and with each of them we will detail a little bit more about Lil Dicky and his music.

WARNING: Content advisory- explicit lyrics and NSFW videos

List of Top 5 Best Songs of Lil Dicky

05. “Molly” Ft. Brendon Urie

“Molly” is a proper song-you will realize what this means as we progress through the list.

All the verses of “Molly” are rap, except for the chorus, which is done by Brendon Urie. And this song tells a massive story in a little under 6 minutes.

Lil Dicky starts the song by saying that what he is going to tell now is one of the “soft-test thing” he has ever done, but it is one of the most important things in his life. This makes us wonder if this song is drawn out of personal experiences.

“Fuck it, I don’t even know what I could of done
Looking back thinking “That’s what I should of done”
Wanted you back
But when the fact is I always put you second to rap
I’m not mad that you wouldn’t come…”

In “Molly,” Lil Dicky raps about a dreading situation which no guy or girl would ever praise to be in-attend their ex’s wedding. However, Lil Dicky admits that the fallout with this girl was due to his busy schedule and his priority of rap and music over anything else. So we assume the breakup was quite clean and hence, he got the invitation for her wedding.

“Molly” is a lament of how David Burd wishes he would have done things differently when he had the girl.

04. “Ex-Boyfriend”

“Ex-boyfriend” is one of the songs that put Lil Dicky on the map. The song appears in Dicky’s debut mix-tape ‘So Hard’ released back in 2013.

We are no entirely certain where the inspiration for this song came from, but we believe a lot of guys can relate to this song as well. The entire song is about how David Burd is insecure about his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

The ex-boyfriend we see in the video is best described by Dicky himsels in the lyrics.

“Cuz he’s the best looking guy that I’ve seen in my whole life
He’s got the thickest head of hair, chiseled jaw, an egregious bod
Man this the closest thing I’ve seen to a Grecian god…”

Then the entire song turns into a weep over how insecure Lil Dicky gets over this ex-boyfriend’s penis, until the girl comes and reveals that she dated him in the second grade.

03. “Freaky Friday” Ft. Chris Brown

“Freaky Friday” is released in March 2018 and is possibly Lil Dicky’s most viral song yet. The song features vocals and video features appearance by Chris Brown. The video also features guest appearances by DJ Khaled, Kendall Jenner and Ed Sheeran.

This song is based on the popular movie ‘Freaky Friday’ (2003) where mother and daughter switch between each other’s bodies by a magic from a fortune cookie. This song encompasses those elements, but the souls switch between Lil Dicky and Chris Brown. Then it goes on to show how both these rappers are not quite satisfied with their lives-Dicky wants to be cool like Chris and Chris wants a more discrete life like Dicky.

I woke up Chris Breezy, oh my god I’m the man (oh shit)
I’m so fly and I can dance (whoa, whoa shit)
There’s tattoos on my neck (oh, oh)

At the beginning of the video, Dicky also shows the perception of the fans and the industry on Lil Dicky the comedic rapper.

“He’s not like a ‘rapper’ rapper… he’s like a funny rapper…”

Watch out…

“Freaky Friday” is possibly the last ‘song’ we mention on this list and things take a turn from the next track in line.

02. “Pillow Talking” Ft. Brain

This is just some next level music. ‘Pillow talking’ is a slang used to describe the intimate discussions happening between a couple usually immediately after sex. That is exactly what is happening in the song-but the Lil Dicky version.

Lil Dicky portrays himself as a nerd and he embraces it in the this song and video. He talks about alien invasions, multiverses, God, dinosaurs and life in this session of ‘pillow talking.’ David Burd’s brain too joins the conversation as a third person.

The entire song happens as a conversation between Lil Dicky and this girl whom he had a one-night stand with. Hence, beats, rhymes, bars and tunes flow into and out of place every now and then.

Let us know what you think about this one in the comments below.

01. “Professional Rapper” Ft. Snoop Dogg

“Professional Rapper” tops the list due to several reasons. This song is sort of an introduction to who Lil Dicky is as a rapper-because most of us have a difficult time understanding his music. Then, this song tells Dicky’s story growing up. This song tells Dicky’s strengths and weaknesses in music and this song has Snoop Dogg in it. And the video is animated.

Lil Dicky explains his upbringing as;

“I was born out of Philly grew up in a little silly old town called Cheltenham
It was in the suburbs, upper-middle wealth around…”

So, no real life struggles he could base his rap around.

How did Dicky start up rap;

“Man, my Bar Mitzvah money…”

Why does he do rap;

“Literally I can reinvent myself
I get a forum to project myself
It’s never boring, every morning I wake up and try to best myself…”

Now, by this time, the interviewee-Snoop Dogg has almost had it with Lil Dicky. He sees little to no potential in Lil Dicky’s rap career. So he questions Dicky about his music style;

“If you wanna do this, then you won’t get far acting like a little bitch”

To this, Dicky explains himself;

“Nah, that’s my niche!
Don’t get offended by this, but that’s the market y’all missed
That’s the target I’ll hit
And that’s the heart of my pitch
I wanna do this whole thing different…”

And so it goes.

Lil Dicky may not be your average rapper persona. But he certainly makes up for it with his creative skills. He does lyrics different and music different and he has been successful so far.

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Hope you enjoyed this best of Lil Dicky list made by JustRandomThings. Of course, this is our view and we would love to hear yours. Do let us know in the comments below, if we missed your favorite Lil Dicky track.

You can check out more of Dicky’s weird music on his YouTube account and you can connect with him on tour dates and updates on his website.


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