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Listen to Little Mix’s Body-Confident New Song “Strip” from ‘LM5’ Album (Lyrics Review)

Little Mix’s new 2018 album ‘LM5’ seems to be a lot about empowering the girls and youth in general. The last single released before the album release was “The Cure,” which spoke about the importance of realizing self-worth and self-confident. The newest hot track from the album is “Strip” and this song invites you to love yourself first, no matter what.

Little Mix’s fifth studio album titled ‘LM5’ released today (16th Nov) and several singles were released prior. Songs such as “The Cure,” “Woman Like Me” with Nicki Minaj and “Think About Us” were quite big hits. “Strip” is a collaboration with Sharaya J who performs a rap verse on the track.

As teased by the Little Mix girls on Twitter, there is a music video coming up for the single, which is due shortly. They released a teaser clip too.

Listen to “Strip” by Little Mix Ft. Sharaya J

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“Finally love me naked, sexiest when I’m confident”

The song is filled with motivations on being body confident and self-confident. Loving yourself no matter who you are, how you look and where you are from, are the themes of this song. We have a good guess that the music video will be on the same cinematic script.

The idea behind the title “Strip” is to encourage young girls and women, in general, to go naked of their makeup and costumes. They implicitly invite the girls to be free of social dogmas on looking like a Disney princess. Instead, the girls are asked to wear ‘confidence’ as their shining jewel.

Who are the Women in “Strip” Music Video?

Cosmopolitan listed down the inspirational bunch of women featured on the “Strip” music video. The list includes; Nimco Ali-former civil servant and now an activist, Bryony Gordon-journalist on mental health and body positivity, Hannah Witton-a blogger, YouTuber and author on sex-positivism, Felicity Hayward-plus-size model, Megan Jayne Crabbe-social media influencer on body positivity, Maxim Magnus-model, Dina Torkia-mom and social media influencer with over 1 million followers, Nia The Light-body-positivism activist, and Kristin Hallenga-an activist on spreading breast cancer awareness. These all make this video one heck of an inspirational ride.

Do let us know what you think about this inspirational song by Little Mix and Sharaya J. Good influence on fans?

Full Lyrics to “Strip” by Little Mix


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