taylor swift and nicki minaj fued on twitter about mtv vma nominations

Taylor Swift Feuds with Nicki Minaj on Twitter

A little spark rose between the Queens of Pop/Hip Hop today, as Taylor Swift tweeted back to a tweet by Nicki Minaj ranting about not getting a MTV Video Music Award nomination for β€˜Video of the Year’ category. Nicki believes that β€œAnaconda” music video should be nominated and she tweeted:

By β€œdifferent kind” of artist, she meant a β€˜white’ artist. She continued the rant on Twitter:

Then she tweeted this, clearly attacking Taylor Swift for her nomination.

Taylor Swift replied to this tweet (who has a nomination for Music Video of the Year):

@NICKIMINAJ I’ve done nothing but love & support you. It’s unlike you to pit women against each other. Maybe one of the men took your slot..”

Currently this plus other tweets are taken out of Taylor’s twitter feed.

Then things escalated as Nicki tweeted directly to Taylor Swift about her comment.

Both tried to pretend as if the whole thing was coincidental, but it was a fake acting session all over. However Nicki continued to make comments regarding Taylor Swift.

However, the cold war turned completely in favor of Nicki Minaj. Taylor’s final remark in the conversation was β€œYou’re invited to any stage I’m ever on,” and Nicki Minaj continued to make her case with various tweets from fans and other resourceful personnel. Taylor Swift completely shut down from the conversation.

It was ugly, to say the least. Nicki should not cry about not getting a nomination. β€œAnaconda” music video is about her β€˜booty’ and it should not be regarded as a β€œcultural phenomenon.” If that’s where we are at, our music culture is doomed.

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