“Just Random Things” Presents You ‘The Best Album of 2014’

In a previous article we gave you the top 20 songs of 2014. That was such a difficult and nerve wrecking task. However, unlike that, I have a very clear idea of what to be done with ‘The Best Album of 2014‘ honor. In the previous article we also listed down some of the most influential, popular and lyrically valuable albums released in 2014. Those albums are our favorites as well. So naturally the winner would be one of them.

Picking out one album as the ‘best’ does not underestimate any other album by any means. It just means that this particular ‘best’ album stood out, was more popular, and more influential than other albums. But this too could be a very subjective choice. So I encourage you to leave a comment of your favorite album in the comments section below.

The Best Album of 2014 goes to…

Ed Sheeran – X

Our favorite ginger, in my opinion, outdid all the other albums of 2014. And before you lose your mind, let me state why it is the best album of 2014.

“X” Voice

I don’t think anyone in the music industry can do what Ed Sheeran does with his voice. Well, maybe this is an overstatement. But still he’s got one of the most beautiful voices I have even heard in my life. And this can be proven by his acoustic performances. I have always refered to his voice being ‘angelic’ and you can see that throughout his second studio album “X”.

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Singles of “X”

Ed Sheeran released reveal singles and promo tracks leading to the release of the album on June 23, 2014. As soon as “One” was released I knew this was going to be another massive album, success beyond measure. Then “Sing” and “Don’t” were released in back to back weeks and I was even more sure of what a great album this was going to be. These singles earned him a vote at the best album of 2014 honor.

Lyrical Worth of “X”

Ed Sheeran is a mater-craftsman of words. Better than the master-forgers creating the One Ring (nerd reference to LOTR), Ed Sheeran crafts words and sentences that are so beautiful to listen to. Sometimes he is direct, and sometimes meanings are hidden within sentences and verses. I will do a special article analyzing the lyrics of album “X” in a future article, but for now take a look at this. The lyrical value along, which can be seen throughout the album, was one of the major factors that lead us to crown “X” as the best album of 2014.

ed sheeran lyrics
How Ed Sheeran says stuff


Sales Records of “X”

Ed Sheeran’s “X” has been successful on the financial front as well. It has been sold over a million copies as of now and it had the biggest sales week of 214,000 copies, just a week ago (ending December 21, 2014) in UK. He will start the world tour next year and I can only assume it will be sold out concerts one after another.

“Thinking Out Loud”

I don’t know about you, but I think this single alone deserves an album of the year award. Yes, I know I said album! It’s that good. The lyrics are just out of the world.

So there you go, that is how we at Just Random Things finally set our mind on Ed Sheeran’s X album being the best album of 2014.

If you think any other music album deserved to the best album of 2014, do leave a comment and we will try to analyze the two of them.

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