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Would The Legal Case by Hot Stylz Against Eminem’s “Rap God” Hold?

Rap God” by Eminem was released on October 14, 2013 and today is January 6, 2015. More than a year has passed since the track has been released and looks like Chicago based rappers trio ‘Hot Stylz’ has listened to the song finally. And they have bravely come forward with a legal case against “Rap God” track lyrics, suing Eminem and his record label for $8 million!

First of all, as Eminem says, “Rap God” is a freestyle. Yes, it amazed me to hear it so I composed this article about it. A freestyle cannot be a theft.

The rappers Hot Stylz are saying that Eminem stole a 25-second lyric segment from their song “Looking Boy“.  Here’s the lyric segment of “Rap God” under the legal case:

Little gay looking boy
So gay I can barely say it with a straight face looking boy
You witnessing a massacre
Like you watching a church gathering take place looking boy
Oy vey, that boy’s gay, that’s all they say looking boy
You get a thumbs up, pat on the back
And a way to go from your label everyday looking boy
Hey, looking boy, what you say looking boy?
I got a “hell yeah” from Dre looking boy
I’mma work for everything I have
Never ask nobody for shit, get outta my face looking boy
Basically boy you’re never gonna be capable
To keep up with the same pace looking boy


[Lyrics Credit: metrolyrics.com]

Also take a look at the lyrics from “Looking Boy” by Hot Stylz over metrolyrics.

What similarities do you see? The only word or phrase they could have sued Eminem is “looking boy” that appears on both of the songs. As far as I’m concerned this does not hold in a court. So lyrically it should be safe.

What Can Really Be A Threat?

Let’s look at the more dangerous aspect here. The “Rap God” segment under heat kind of ‘imitates‘ Hot Stylz’s “Looking Boy” music, rhythm and beat. The whole “Rap God” music changes when the song approaches this segment and immediately switches to a “Looking Boy” style, it lasts for roughly 24 seconds and changes back to Rap God style. Hence this could be of an issue for Eminem and his camp.

Watch Official Music Video for “Looking Boy” Hot Stylz

Watch Official Music Video for “Rap God” by Eminem

Jump “Rap God” song to 2:16 to listen to the sued segment.

What do you think? Do you think Eminem and his record label is in trouble? Or do you think this is yet another attempt by ‘who’s-those-rappers’ to win some public attention? Leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “Would The Legal Case by Hot Stylz Against Eminem’s “Rap God” Hold?

  1. Lets look at it from the very basis of the lawsuit. They are sueing him for the words “lookin boy”. In this case, it is essentially the same as a recent suit of Chick Fil-A v “Eat more” Kale. Chick Fil-A sued the owners of the Eat More Kale slogan siteing that they owned the words “Eat More” Because Chick Fil-A’s slogan is “Eat More Chicken”. On this basis, they dont have a case. They dont own the words “Lookin Boy” just as Chick-Fil-A does not own the words “Eat More”

    1. That was my own thinking. No one can claim ownership over simple ‘words’. But what concerns me is the fact that Rap God may have imitated the tune of “Looking Boy” starting at 2:16 mark and span over a 25 sec segment. It isn’t a full on copy-but it could be a little trouble.

      1. Yes you are right, you can’t hold copyright for words or phrases but remember that a song consists of two copyrights, the copyright in Literary work(lyrics or words)and a copyright in musical work(the beat or rhythm), so in this case the chicago rapper(s) don’t have any case with the phrase “looking boy”, if they were to sue they can only sue Slim for copyright infringement in the musical work as the Rap God song changes to hotsylz rhythm and feel at 2:16 as you stated, so I feel they have a chance only if they understood copyright in song properly and also based on the lawyers they use too, because 25Sec is too short to sue for copyright infringement but as I said its gonna depend on how good are the lawyers, dats if the case haven’t been settled yet since its 3years later now 🙈, do you perhaps know what happened with the case???

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