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Do Not Give Your Mobile Phone to Shawn Mendes for a Pic: He Will Drop It! LOL

We love our mobile phones no matter how sucky they are at times. Mobile phone has become a part of our lifestyle in the modern world. You lose your head if you leave the mobile phone at home for a day. You also have a mini heart attack in that split second the mobile phone slips from your hand and lands on the floor. Those are the times when the realest prayers are heard.

Meeting your favourite celebrity is a dream most of us have. Having that dream come true would be one of the most joyous moments of you life. But, what if we combine the above scenario to this? You get an awkward middle ground feeling–unsure of what to feel.

We don’t know if there are other celebrities out there with clumsy hands. But, Shawn Mendes sure seems to have a very nervous time with fan’s mobile phones.

Somebody made a compilation, yes an actual montage of videos, where Shawn Mendes drops fans’ phones. The reaction on most of the fans is just hilarious. The mixture of the excitement of seeing their favourite celebrity and that same celebrity giving you a mini heart attack, not the good kind either.

“meeting shawn is all fun n games until he drops your phone”

This video uploaded by Melissa on Twitter contains 5 instances where Shawn Mendes drops fans’ mobile phone and awkwardly helps them pick it up and awkwardly smiles for the picture.

So, next time around, when you meet Shawn Mendes, make sure that you hold the phone for the picture! LOL

This video is done with all loved intentions. Melissa is a die-hard Shawn Mendes fan and so are we!

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