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“Uptown Funk” Will Make History in 3 Weeks

“Uptown Funk” has reached a success that no other single has reached in the recent past. The funky Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars collaboration hasn’t budged from the number one spot on Billboard Hot 100 chart for 13 weeks. And the single is still performing very strong ahead of “Sugar” by Maroon 5, “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran and “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding. Lack of promotion by Taylor Swift on her latest single “Style” has caused it to stay stagnant below 5th position on the chart.

“Uptown Funk” to Make History?

Just in three more weeks, as number one song on the chart, “Uptown Funk” will be the only second song in the history to have 16 weeks atop of Billboard Hot 100 chart. There’s only one song in the history of music to achieve that and it is, “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey featuring Boyz II Men. 16 weeks is the most weeks a single has been on top of the chart and should “Uptown Funk” stay popular for 4 more weeks, it will be the only song in the history to have a 17-week run on top of the world music. It is an incredible achievement.

Take a look at the current standing of the funky song and the longest running songs it has come passed and the remaining most popular tracks to go past.

Billboard Hot 100's longest running singles.
Billboard Hot 100’s longest running singles.

By the looks of it, we don’t see a hot new release that could stop “Uptown Funk” from breaking this record. 4 more weeks and it will be in the hall of fame forever-an unlikely record to be broken in the near future.

Let us know if “Uptown Funk” is the greatest funk song of this decade! Comment.

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