Taylor Swift, Jay Z, Beyonce Attends Justin Timberlake's Birthday

Taylor Swift, Jay Z, Beyonce Attends Justin Timberlake’s Birthday Party

Justin Timberlake just got younger. Justin Timberlakes’s birthday party happened on January 31, 2015 as the music legend turned 34. Yes, he still looks 24. Yes, we are most jealous of his looks too.

Justin Timberlake just concluded one of the most successful music tours of all time — “The 20/20 Tour” and it was all kinds of epicness throughout the tour. Taylor Swift, HAIM and Beyonce were spotted at one concert of the tour.

Justin Timberlake Attends Taylor Swift’s Birthday Party

Taylor Swift, Jay-Z and Beyonce Attends Justin Timberlake’s Birthday Bash

Looks like this clique is going to be BFFs forever (did I write that correct? Best friends forever forever?). Beyonce, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake (among a few other celebrities of music) attended Taylor Swift’s 25th birthday party and looks like they are returning the courtesy.

Taylor Swift shared the above photo on her Facebook page captioning “Happy Birthday, Justin Timberlake! Thank you for your music, comedy, daaaahncing, songwriting, and for taking this selfie..”

Unfortunately there aren’t anymore pictures of the birthday evening, but we do hear that Justin Timberlake announced his wife’s pregnancy at the party. Congratulations to Justin Timberlake and lovely Jessica Biel. Also we have no doubt that Justin Timberlake’s birthday party was just epic.

Taylor Swift Collaborate with Justin Timberlake, Please?

With these little (huge) friendships, comes speculations of business deals as well. In this situation–new music. In the previous article too, we discussed how amazing it would be to have Taylor and JT collab on a song. That could possibly top the best collaboration Taylor Swift has done as of now — “Everything Has Changed” featuring Ed Sheeran. Oh well.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to young Justin Timberlake. May you create more and better music as you grow younger. The world is in dire need of genuine musicians like yourself.

Long live the President of POP!!!

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