(New) Taylor Swift Bikini Body and Belly Button in Beach in Maui

More and more pictures of Taylor Swift’s beach vacation in Maui, Hawaii are surfacing. In an eartlier article we mentioned that Taylor Swift and her BFFs Haim sisters were on a pretty epic beach trip. The trip included hiking, swimming and whale watching. You can watch the adorable reaction of Taylor Swift on seeing a whale here.

On a previous article we brought to you all the pictures (64) from Taylor Swift and Haim sister’s beach fun in Maui. But looks like there are a few more.

There are a lot of concerned people about Taylor Swift’s ‘skinny’ body. There is even an ongoing petition to raise funds to give Taylor a body makeover (Yeah, some people are that jobless and those who donated should be sent to retard camp!). “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate…” right? But looking at these pics, taken from far away, we can see Taylor Swift’s got them curves!

New Taylor Swift Bikini Body and Belly Button Pics from Maui Surfaces!

Taylor Swift was spotted wearing a multi-colored two-piece bikini on a boat with the Haim sisters, who also looked gorgeous in their bikinis. They were spotted sun bathing on the boat, walking on the beach, dipping in the ocean and snorkeling. See all the pictures below.

Is Taylor Swift still in Maui, Hawaii?

We don’t think so. These must be pics taken by photographers a few days ago and are only being released now. Why? Because we have proof that Taylor is back in New York. Taylor Swift attended Justin Timberlake’s birthday party in NY yesterday (31/01/2015).

Are there more pictures? We don’t know. But we are on top of it. As soon as any release, we will update it on the website. Keep in touch.

In the meantime let us know what you think of Taylor Swift bikini body. Too hot to handle or just meh…

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