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New Music: The Chainsmokers “Setting Fires” Ft. XYLØ (Preview)

The Chainsmokers are drawing to a new record in Billboard history with “Closer” closing on being the longest reining number one single on the chart. With “All We Know” featuring Phoebe Ryan also performing extremely well, The Chainsmokers are really on a winning streak. Add “Setting Fires” to the list too.

“Setting Fires” was released as a preview on The Chainsmokers’ official YouTube channel and the song features vocals by XYLØ. The simplicity of their EDM continues on this new track as well. XYLØ does a sexy and progressive vocal work on the song.

Preview “Setting Fires” by The Chainsmokers Ft. XYLØ

The lyrics to the song goes as;

Down to my last match fire I touch just to feel
Why is it easier to burn than it is to heal?

Out in the cold you’ve been
I begged you to come back in
But I can’t do this again

The title “Setting Fires” may not seem to mean much at the beginning-but it makes total sense when you go through the chorus of the song.

I can’t keep you from harm
But I’m set on fire to keep you warm
I can’t go on and on
Setting fires to keep you warm

It’s another love-lost kinda relationship where one is struggling to keep the spark alive. But she is losing hope in doing so continuously without any result. We would have to listen to the rest of the song to figure out where this relationship is headed towards.

Until we get the full track, enjoy the preview and let us know your thoughts.

One thought on “New Music: The Chainsmokers “Setting Fires” Ft. XYLØ (Preview)

  1. The Chainsmokers actually did very clever moves lately. I am wondering why and how can people assume that Setting Fires will not climb the chart like their other hits like Closer and All We Know? By the way, I actually did a cover of it :
    We shot that video in Monaco, France. The story does relate to the lyrics and we decided to leave the relationship status between the girl and me unclear. All the best!

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