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Kesha Trying to Forgive in “Learn To Let Go” Video?

Kesha has been having a lot of issues with her producer over the past few years and we did not see any new music from her during the period. But now that she is free to release music, several very inspirational products have come out. First, we saw “Praying” which was a self reassurance that the worst was over and she was praying for a new beginning. Then we saw the release of “Woman” which was an uplifting and motivating track to say the least. Now, we have “Learn To Let Go” which is a song about letting go of the grudges from the past that hold us down.

All the three tracks above are from Kesha’s upcoming 2017 album ‘Rainbow’ which is due to be released on August 11, 2017. The tracklist of the album is here.

Watch “Learn To Let Go” Music Video by Kesha

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The music video to “Learn To Let Go” includes some of the home movies that were made when Kesha was a little kid. And some of these scenes are recreated identically in the video.

The lyrics to the song are simple and understandable.

Verse 1

Been a prisoner of the past
Had a bitterness when I looked back
Was telling everyone it’s not that bad
‘Til all my shit hit the fan

Somethings from her past have been holding her back and she used to refuse it saying it’s nothing. But she did not know the worse of it until it all blew up in her face.


I think it’s time to practice what I preach
Exorcise the demons inside me
Whoa, gotta learn to let it go
The past can’t haunt me if I don’t let it
Live and learn and never forget it
Whoa, gotta learn to let it go

The singer has been saying that we should learn to let go, but she is realizing that just saying it won’t be enough. She is putting it to practice and she is feeling good about it.

The past is what happened and it will haunt you only if you let it. So the decision to get rid of past demons is entirely up to you, and Kesha is kicking the demons to dust.

“Learn To Let Go” could be referring to the past few years where she had to go through a lot of issues due to legal and personal issues with her producer. But it could be referring to something else entirely. But one thing we do know is that this song is relatable to all of us.

Take a lesson from Kesha’s diary and learn to let go.

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