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Listen to New Single “Eyes Closed” by Halsey (Lyrics Review & Song Meaning)

Halsey is gearing up for the released of her upcoming studio album ‘hopeless fountain kingdom’ and “Eyes Closed” is the second single out of the album. If you feel like the song is The Weeknd-ish, it’s because The Weeknd has co-written the song. But listening to the music, it feels as if The Weeknd had to do more than just write the lyrics to the song since it sounds like a track from ‘Starboy.’

‘hopeless fountain kingdom’ is Halsey’s second studio work and is set to release on June 2nd, 2017. The album’s first single was released back on April 4th, titled “Now Or Never.”

Listen to “Eyes Closed” by Halsey

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The song speaks about an un-resolved breakup-having feelings for your ex even after whatever lead them to breakup.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Eyes Closed”

Verse 1

I, I know where to lay
I know what to say
It’s all the same
And I, I know how to play
I know this game
It’s all the same

The singer speaks about knowing the game-the game of love-and how she has played it countless times and knows how it ends. And she believes all the games, even though the rules are different sometimes, they end in the same way-probably heartbreak and regret.


Now if I keep my eyes closed, he looks just like you
But he’ll never stay, they never do
Now if I keep my eyes closed, he feels just like you
But you’ve been replaced
I’m face to face with someone new

The relationship has ended and it’s rebound time. The singer has got back with someone who resembles her ex. It feels more comfortable in knowing that the new lover looks and feels like her ex. She has feeling for her ex, but she cannot go back to him. So she replaced him with something very similar. But she believes that this new situation will play out the same way it did before.

Verse 2

Would’ve gave it all for you, cared for you
So tell me where I went wrong
Would’ve gave it all for you, cared for you
(My lover, my liar)
Would’ve traded all for you, there for you
So tell me how to move on
Would’ve traded all for you, cared for you
(My lover, my liar)

Halsey believes she was committed in the past relationship and the guy lied through his guts. He was her lover and her liar as well. She says she was prepared to devote her whole life for him and treat him the best she could. But those dreams are all in shambles now as the guy has (probably) cheated on her and lied about it as well.


He don’t realize that I’m thinkin’ about you
It’s nothing new, it’s nothing new

When you are not over someone, those people often tend to pop up back in your head. Halsey says when she has her eyes closed, it’s the ex that pops in her head. This is pretty messed up in the sense that it is not fair for the new guy. But in all honesty, in this situation Halsey feels too fed up to care about anything serious.

“Eyes Closed” convey a bitter truth that almost everyone of us gone through at some point of life. So I think the song is quite relatable.

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