lana del rey did you know there's a tunnel under ocean blvd album lyrics review

Lana Del Rey – Candy Necklace | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Candy Necklace” is the sixth track on Lana Del Rey’s 2023 album ‘Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd.’ The song talks about Lana’s love for her partner and maybe too much of it to the point that it is damaging her.

Lana Del Rey released her ninth studio album ‘Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd’ on March 24, 2023. According to the artist, this album is more of a vocal album than a musical; “The songs are very conversational. It’s a very wordy album. So there’s no room for color. It’s almost like I’m typing in my mind.”

A candy necklace can be seen as something attractive for a kid. So, in that sense, it has a predatory inclination. However, Lana Del Rey is rather intoxicated with this man and his candy nature. Getting too intoxicated in love also comes with its own consequences.

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Lana Del Rey “Candy Necklace” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Lana Del Rey compares her passion to white fire. White is the color of the absolutely pure form of fire which indicates that Lana is deeply in love with this person. There’s a cinnamon taste left in her teeth. while cinnamon can be found on certain sweets, it could also allude to the idea that their relationship is also spicy.

Even when she is not with him, her brain runs on overdrive. It is an absolute chaos of emotions that appears to be white noise most of the time.

His reckless ways, and the way he dances, talks, walks, and looks at her are the candy that he wears. And she can’t have enough. Their story is her favorite song.

In the second verse of the song, the tone changes drastically. The white noise becomes too much and she is suicidal. She hates to admit this but it is he who is bringing her down. Maybe it is her own high expectations that are disappointing her in this relationship. Is it his recklessness?

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