wale premiers mmg under god music video

Wale Unveils “MMG Under God” Music Video

MMG Under God” song was officially released back in 2014, and it gets a new music video, as the release date for Wale‘s newest album “The Album About Nothing” draws closer. This song is no supposed to be in the latest album, but we’ll see. Watch the music video below.

Watch Wale’s “MMG Under God” Music Video

The music video features Wale and his homies rapping about in the streets near a gorgeous Rolls Royce. Then the scenes take place in a church as well.

The “MMG Under God” music video release is a clear step to get the buzz going on about Wale and his upcoming album, ‘The Album About Nothing” which is set to drop on March 31, 2015. This album will be quite special for Wale. As he says, he has opened himself up in the lyrics of the upcoming album.

“I’m wiping the slate clean after this… This album is my most personal album. I went through a lot of shit both public and private but I put it all on this album.”

So make sure you grab a copy of ‘The Album About Nothing’ when pre-orders hit the Internet.

In the meantime, enjoy the new “MMG Under God” music video and make sure to leave a comment about your opinion on the song and the music video. Are you excited for the upcoming Wale album?

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