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Kelly Clarkson Releases “Run Run Run” Single Featuring John Legend

Run Run Run” is the latest single by Kelly Clarkson off of her upcoming 7th studio album ‘Piece By Piece’ due to release in a couple of days (March 27). This is the fourth single off the album. Before this track, she released “Heartbeat Song”, “Invincible” and “Piece by Piece” as singles. According to iTunes, the newly released single. “Run Run Run” is the only track with a collaboration on her album, and the collaboration is with none other than John Legend. So the track consists of a beautiful keyboard music, possibly from John Legend and some vocals.

Listen to “Run Run Run” by Kelly Clarkson featuring John Legend

The song resonates a romantic ballad. The track contains a beautiful duet between the two amazing artists. The ballad shifts gears halfway through the track, to give out a more intense meaning to the lyrics. It’s pretty creatively done. The latter part of the song consists of an intense repetitive scream of “and I run run run…”


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The upcoming album is a very personal musical creation by Kelly Clarkson, as she said every track on the album relates to some personal experience of hers. So it’s going to be a good album. So make sure you grab a copy when it releases.

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