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Big Sean’s “Research” Featuring Ariana Grande Talks About His Ex?

Big Sean‘s latest studio album ‘Dark Sky Paradise‘ has been quite successful. Tracks such as “Blessings”, “Dark Sky (Skyscrapers)”, “Paradise”, “One Man Can Change The World” and “I Know” have been quite sensational, which contains a good meaning behind them too. We were excited to listen to “Research” on the album, merely because it featured Big Sean’s girlfriend Ariana Grande. To be honest, we were expecting something romantic, and we got blown away with a completely different theme.

What Does “Research” Talk About?

Big Sean subtly talks about his ex girlfriend in “Research”. The most famous and latest ex-gf of Big Sean is Naya Rivera, it’s not clear if it is definitely about her though. Anyway, Big Sean goes on to say how his ex sneaked into his phone and snooped through all his emails, voice mails and texts. She was bragging about how she has the key to his heart, and the first chance she gets, she used the key on another person.

Then Ariana Grande join in on “Research” with the chorus, which goes something in the lines of questioning her boyfriend–like a series of constant nagging, annoying questions.

Big Sean “Research” lyrics by MetroLyrics

But Big Sean’s intro section to the song is the most hilarious part:

Watch how these hoes be doing research
I swear, she like, this piece of hair off in the sink ain’t come from me first, no, no
You hang around too God damn long it’s like you need work
Man, these hoes be doing research
Doin’ research

It says how he was constantly bombarded with eyes full of suspense in his ex-relationship. He says his ex had no other work to do than watch him, follow him and research on him and his friends–typical crazy girlfriend behavior.

We are glad that Big Sean and Ariana Grande have found a happiness they can depend on. We were expecting a song that spoke of their happy relationship together. But instead, we got a track about his crazy ex-gf and surprisingly enough Ariana Grande supports him through getting over her. Good for these two love birds.

“Research” is one of the few tracks on ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ album which doesn’t really try to convince a deeper idea by Big Sean. It’s just a ‘fun’ song, and according to us, it does its’ job perfectly.

What do you think about “Research” by Big Sean featuring Ariana Grande? Was it what you were expecting out of this collaboration? Let us know.

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