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J. Cole & Puma – The Dreamer | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

J. Cole teams up with the popular sportswear brand Puma for this inspirational short-video and song “The Dreamer.” The video features footage from J.Cole’s childhood of him playing basketball with his friends.

“The Dreamer” showcases how J. Cole perceived his dream of becoming a basketball player from his childhood. He overcomes bullying from the bigger boys at the playfield in his neighborhood.

Although an advertisement with the Puma brand, this song and video provide some real-life examples of never giving up on your dreams. And Puma is there to help you along that journey.

Watch “The Dreamer” by J. Cole and Puma

The soulful lyrics to the song sing about passion and dedication towards one’s goals. The song asks us if we know what it feels like to have your dreams come true! How you can finally laugh, after many many years of tears!

The lyrics also provide some inspirational messages to chase your dreams no matter what obstacles come your way.

“You’ve got so much to do in only so many hours a day”

But there is no rush! Life will take you to your goals if you keep working at them every day. Don’t burn yourself out that your goals aren’t achieved overnight. Pace yourself out and “cool it off before you burn it out.” Life will ge you there, just be patient and work hard every day!

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