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Drake – Slime You Out Ft. SZA | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

2023 music is going to be complete with a Drake album. The Toronto rapper released the lead single from the album titled “Slime You Out,” while enlisting rapper SZA. In the song, the duo air out their grievances about the opposite genders.

Drake announced his eighth studio album ‘For All the Dogs’ expected to be released on September 22, 2023. The rapper made the announcement mid-song on September 11, during his ‘It’s All A Blur Tour.’ This will be the follow-up project to his 2022 project ‘Honestly, Nevermind.’

‘Slime’ is slang for using someone for sexual favors. In the context of the song, Drake talks about how the other gender attempts to commit to something more than there actually is. SZA, on the other hand, thinks the opposite gender is so full of themselves. Who wins?

Listen to “Slime You Out” by Drake Featuring SZA

Drake “Slime You Out” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the intro to the song, Drake expresses his discontent with girls. After years and years of close association, Drake has come to the conclusion that (most) girls don’t actually need love–but they need direction. Especially, when it comes to matters of heart, females are easy to misread, misinterpret, and mistake people.

In the first verse of the song, Drake tells the world that a lot of the girls he closely associates with, do end up misreading everything. Call it a workplace hazard, but Drake has a tendency to make ladies swoon easily. A lot of them would love to build something with him, either for good reason or bad. Drake is tired of this.

Makin’ mistakes then you beg me to stay

It makes him angrier when these ladies think they can sway him by talking about other men in their lives. Maybe they should have held on to those other men because Drake is not here to care or stay. Those ladies made a mistake the moment they approached him. And they will pay with slime for their mistakes.

In the verse by ZSA, she claims that she has too much pride to let some rando slime her out. It amazes her how much some men think of themselves. She says that a lot of them are not what they claim to be in their rap verses. From her perspective, she let some guy in her life out of pity for him and now he thinks that he conquered the world.

In the third and final verse of the song, Drake goes through the lunar cycle of a typical woman. January starts off great with new resolutions, a new outlook on life, and fresh starts. A few months down the line, things don’t progress a whole lot. Warmer months don’t help either. She finds a man by the lake and as the waters get cold, both literally and figuratively, they walk away. Fall and winter bring the worst out. Heading into the holidays with no one to kiss under a mistletoe and on the 31st midnight, life does not get easier, emotionally.

If someone says Drake is too guarded with his feelings, well, it’s a choice, he says. So, enter at your own risk.

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