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Full Version of “Stellar Light” by Lupe Fiasco Has Been Released

2014 FIFA World Cup ended in an amazing victory to Germany in July 2014. The U.S Soccer team didn’t have much success in the contest, but was fueled by this amazing theme song by Lupe Fiasco. Back then there was only a snippet of “Stellar Light” used in promoting USMNT in preparation to the World Cup. However, today Luper Fiasco released the full track, and it’s amazing.

Listen to Full “Stellar Light” Song by Lupe Fiasco from 2014 USMNT Promotions

The heavy EDM track is quite amazing to energize a sports team. “Stellar Light” goes on to speak about how effort, guts and attitude gets you to the victory!  The track is a classic Lupe track when it comes to the familiar music–not so much like his latest album ‘Tetsuo & Youth‘ though. The hook is sung by Jason Gill. For a full analysis of the song, I suggest you visit Rap Genius.

The track has been produced by Ishi.

I believe it is a great anthem for the United States Men’s National Soccer Team. It is a morale booster and a hype-builder. We are fortunate that Lupe decided to release the track, even after so many months from the snippet preview.

Anyway, make sure to leave your opinion about this new music from Lupe. Old Lupe or new Lupe?

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