Watch a Truly Magical Rendition of “Fix You” Live in São Paulo by Coldplay

There are a handful of songs that can truly move anybody despite gender, race, education, ethnicity and language barriers. “Fix You” by Coldplay is one such song that has touched everyone positively throughout the world. A song that was released in 2005 from the Rock band’s third studio album ‘X&Y,’ this song has withstood the test of time and boundaries.

“Fix You” is a song that can be called quite personal to the lead vocalist Chris Martin of Coldplay. The song was written for his ex-wife Gwenyth Paltrow when her father passed away. The song speaks about how he will ‘fix her’ in her times of desperate tragedy. Full song meaning can be read here.

“Tears stream down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace…”

This song has touched so many souls around the world, that the song brings people to tears.

Coldplay recently released their performance of “Fix You” live in São Paulo, Brazil and the video is beyond amazing. The stadium is jam-packed with a massive crowd who screamed the lyrics to the song along with Chris Martin, every single lyric. The sound of the crowd is truly audible over the voice of Chris Martin. The crowd’s light bands seemed like a million fireflies in a dark and empty field.

We also can see a lot of people being very emotional while singing the song. Some fans literally had tears streaming down their faces.

Watch Coldplay Perform “Fix You” Live

This performance is included in the upcoming ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ documentary based on Coldplay’s journey so far. The package deals are available now on Coldplay’s official website.

Drop down your most fond memory of “Fix You” by Coldplay in the comments below.

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