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Hilarious New Interview with Eminem in “Only In Monroe”

Marshall Mathers AKA Eminem appeared on a highly professional interview with Zane Lowe today and that wasn’t even the biggest event of the day. Marshall also appeared on a local cable network program called ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ and it won the day.

The very hilarious interview went on for roughly 25 minutes and Marshall Mathers was a novice rapper trying to make it in the big music world during the interview. I’m pretty sure Marshall was not aware of the nature of the program as he looked and spoke out loud that he was very confused about what is going on. The host of the show-Stephen Colbert-did an amazing job at pretending that he wasn’t seated next to the most successful hip hop artist in the history of music. Marshall was just Marshall, there was no Eminem, and he had no millions of dollars during the program. At one point Eminem was so confused that he asked the host if he really didn’t know who he was. But then again, who doesn’t know Eminem? Probably a rock!

Watch the hilarious interview below. Skip to the 22 minute mark for the Eminem’s part of the show.

Probably you laughed your guts off to this interview. We know Eminem tried so hard not to laugh during the show. At some points, he just couldn’t. I haven’t seen Eminem laugh much, and this was refreshing.

The very informal interview talked about the Eminem-produced movie ‘Southpaw’ coming up and Marshall’s song “Phenomenal” in the movie soundtrack. They played a video of cats boxing as the clip for the trailer of ‘Southpaw’ which got Eminem laughing under his hoodie.

Stephen Colbert and Eminem almost got into a fight as Marshall flexed his muscles infront of Stephen. Stephen was not going to back down from a fight if it comes to it. Eminem hid under his hoodie.

Eminem tweeted the following today confirming his appearance on “Only In Monroe”, which is a public access program based in Michigan. Michigan is Eminem’s hometown.

Leave a comment or share this article with your friends if you liked this hilarious interview. All interviews with Eminem are dead serious, talking about his career, haters, rough upbringing and what not. This interview was a refreshing change.

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