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Harry Styles – Watermelon Sugar (Stream, Lyrics & Meaning)

Everybody is talking about this brand new song by Harry Styles for all the good reasons. The song title is pretty weird, nothing like we have heard before and the lyrics and tune give a summer vibe, although it is not. So what exactly does “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles mean? Let’s explore.

“Watermelon Sugar” is released as the second single off of Harry Style’s second solo studio album titled ‘Fine Line.’ The first music from the album was released in mid-October 2019, titled “Lights Up.” The new album is expected to release in December 2019.

Harry Styles debuted the new single in his appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) on November 16. The song has a Jazzy groove and surely is a BOP.

Who is “Watermelon Sugar” About?

Detective-level fans were able to dig up a connection of this song in relation to Harry Styles and one of his exes-Camille Rowe. “So, Harry said a girlfriend gave him books, and Camille Rowe said In Watermelon Sugar was her favourite book. Now Harry has a song called #WatermelonSugar. #hamille” Tweeted ◟̽◞̽ Ria | TPWK on Twitter. In an interview with Elle magazine in February 2017, Camille Rowe revealed that one of her favorite books was ‘In Watermelon Sugar’ by Richard Brautigan.

What is ‘In Watermelon Sugar’ Book About?

Published in 1968 by Richard Brautigan, an American novelist, this book paints a picture of postmodern post-apocalyptic civilization. The premise of the story is that pretty much everything in this world is made out of watermelon sugar, made by extracting the water content out of watermelons. A house, a dress, and utensils are made out of this material. The story unfolds in the first-person narrative about the life and events in this world in constant flux. Check out the novel below.

On Harry Style’s 2021 ‘Love On Tour’ stop in Nashville on October 1st, Harry Styles went on to confirm the meaning behind “Watermelon Sugar.” And it is what fans have been predicting for years.

“It doesn’t really matter what it’s about. It’s about the sweetness of life… It’s also about the female org*sm but that’s totally different, it’s not really relevant.”

Listen to ‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles

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Harry Styles “Watermelon Sugar” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

These lyrics by Harry Styles are very much about being in so much love with his partner. He extends the topic extracted out of the book to add the word ‘high’ to show how much intoxicated he is with his lover. It is a high bordering on sexual pleasure.

In the first verse of the song, Harry Styles confesses that she gives him all the summer feelings. She tastes like strawberries, she sounds like a song, and her touch is wonderful and warm. She is the complete Summer-vibe package.

How does he get high next to her? Just by breathing her presence in. Harry also admits that he is quite lost without her and he does not last without her. Harry tells us that she is just like what ‘watermelon sugar’ was to those citizens from the novel.

Even the second verse is dedicated to Harry explaining how intoxicating she is just like how the Summer is for most people. Summer is the happiest season of all filled with life, laughter, and activity. She is his Summer, and he is hooked.

What do you think “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles means? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article, do share it with your friends.

Update: 18/05/2020

Harry Styles dropped the music video for “Watermelon Sugar” in May 2020. In the video, we see Harry Styles seated at a picnic table on a beach with, of course, a slice of watermelon on the table along with some other food. And he takes a very sensual bite out of the slice of watermelon and all of a sudden everything gets very passionate. Several female models appear across the video who looks to be giving out their best “O” face. Then it turns out to be a full-blown watermelon eating party on the beach!

The singer added a caption to the music video; “This video is dedicated to touching.”

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