miley cyrus hands of love live on ellen

Watch Miley Cyrus Perform “Hand Of Love” Live on Ellen Show

Miley Cyrus is a crazy teenager with all her exhibitionism and drugs and parties and what not. But once in a while, she reminds us why she got into fame in the first place-her singing prowess.

Miley Cyrus has worked on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie ‘Freeheld’ and “Hands Of Love” is Miley’s contribution to the movie. It is a deep song with beautiful lyrics. Miley Cyrus’s powerful voice ads a whole lot more to the song.

Miley Cyrus performed an acoustic version of “Hands Of Love” live on The Ellen DeGeneres show last night. We are stunned by the music work that unfolded. Watch Miley perform her heart out below.

When the water spills, the glass will break
It drips like tears, running up your face
And the hounds will cry, for the dogs of war
But the sons of joy, their victory will soar
Me longing to be free, I won’t let you fade away
We shed so many dreams, I’ll let them fade away…

What did you think? Did you enjoy the song as much as we did? If so leave a comment below.

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