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Louis Tomlinson – Bigger Than Me | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Louis Tomlinson just released his brand new single “Bigger Than Me” from the upcoming 2022 project ‘Faith in the Future.’ The brand new song was accompanied by a music video as Tomlison dives into his own flaws and insecurities. Most of these seem to have been instilled in him by the public.

“Bigger Than Me” is the lead single from Louis Tomlinson’s second studio album ‘Faith in the Future.’ The album is expected to release in November 2022. The project follow’s Louis’ 2020 debut album ‘Walls.’

Louis Tomlinson talked about the song in an interview with EUPHORIA magazine; “It’s definitely the biggest sounding song I’ve got on the record, definitely the song that stands out as being one that should be a single. I wasn’t certain I was going to have one of these songs on this record that has a big chorus. It shows off my vocals, so I’m really proud of what we got out of it.”

Listen to “Bigger Than Me” by Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson “Bigger Than Me” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The entire song is about Louis questioning what really he wants to become–if he tries to become what everyone wants him to become.

People keep on telling him that he would change. He would often smile and brush it off. More people tell him that he would change. Now he wonders what they are talking about. Is there something wrong with him? Does he not fit the norm?

It was wise of him to realize that no matter how much he changes himself, the world around him keeps on changing too. Maybe the same people who told him to change one way would have told him to change another way. This is the wake-up call!

I know I took a left
Tryna make it right

Louis Tomlinson tried his best and knows that he still couldn’t make himself the ‘perfect’ version that everyone wanted him to be. Even the moves that looked like the ‘right’ ones, turned out to be wrong.

Louis also goes on to say that the masses of voices have receded to be effective over the years. In the beginning, he could hear certain voices sharp inside his head. It used to bother him. But now, it’s all a blur. A megaphone blasting an undecipherable and bleak noise.

How you sleep at night when you’re just like me?

There is almost nobody in the world who is perfect in every sense. Louis wonders if they ever look in the mirror and wonder how could they improve themselves. Maybe the same things they tell Louis to change are areas to be improved within them. Or just in general, people who are flawed in so many ways suggest Louis on ways he could improve.

It is a never-ending struggle to ‘improve’ yourself to fit every mold out there in society. More often than not, people end up giving up at some point. At the end of the day, everything in life is bigger than Louis himself.

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